Alstare Superbike Concept by Team Alstare

05/03/2013 @ 1:33 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


We love us some concept bikes here at Asphalt & Rubber, and we have featured more than a few pieces of stunning design and imagination on our pages. Though, we can’t remember the last time one of these works of art were brought to us by a legitimate racing team, but that is what we have here with the Team Alstare Superbike Concept.

A nod to the former Suzuki team’s return to the World Superbike Championship as the Ducati factory squad with Carlos Checa and Ayrton Badovini, Alstare has enlisted the help of designer Serge Rusak of Rusak Kreaktive Designworks to ink the shape of its futuristic Superbike concept, while Tryptik Studios handled “bringing the form to life” with its 3D modeling prowess (video after the jump).

It is an aggressive design, that is for sure, and our jury is still out on the forward fork pieces, or should we call them knives? Inside there somewhere is a v-twin motor, from the sound of it, with an discrete exhaust “by Termignoni” that is underslung and integrated into the bodywork.

For now, this is just an exercise in fiction — though if a financial partner wishes to help make it a reality, the team seems ready to do so.







Source: Team Alstare

  • Tom Z

    And cue the desktop engineer complaints in 3… 2… 1…

  • mrnick

    Ok… but how do you steer it?

  • Richard Gozinya


    It looks like the notforks meet under the seat, perhaps that’s where the steering mechanism is. It would be interesting to be able to see that in action, and perhaps some explanation as to why they did it that way.

  • mrnick

    @Richard G

    Yeah, I would like to see that in action. Wonder what might be hiding under those carbon pieces… also curious about if your legs would be rubbing up against those pieces? If they move, would your legs get in the way? Maybe that piece nearer to the seat doesn’t move. Hmm… interesting indeed.

  • john magnum

    Puts some tits on it……far more practical.

  • MikeD

    Very functional and realistic.

    (Cue Dr. Evil’s voice while talking to FatBastard when he proposed trading MiniMe for Dr. EVIL’s MOJO) ………….. RIGTH . . .

  • Afletra

    RUSAK means BROKEN in Indonesia, hahaha…

  • hoyt

    @Afletra – that could be interpreted as Rusak taking on designs that are broken

  • Norm Fraijo

    I like the stand.