It has been a while since we have seen an electric motorcycle that caught out fancy – you know, one that looked like it was made by someone who actually understands motorcycles, and isn’t just gunning for a spot at Art Center.

There is this notion in the electric world that just because powertrains are evolving, that we need to throw the baby out with the bath water as wellwhen it comes to design.

But, when I think about the electric motorcycle builds that have caught my attention the most, it is the ones that understand this concept at their core – good examples being bikes like the Mission R, Alta Motors Redshift SM, or Vespa Elettrica.

Add another name to that list now, as the E-Racer from Aero Motorcycles is a truly beautiful two-wheeled machine, and it runs on electrons, not hydrocarbons.

Coming to us in a street tracker format, rolling on a pair of 19″ wheels, the Aero E-Racer mates a smartly designed and executed chassis to some of the best components in the industry.

Aero quotes 34hp on tap, which isn’t mind-blowing, but certainly adequate when you consider the 44 lbs•ft of flat torque. Augmenting that torque curve is a five-speed gearbox, with a hydraulic clutch.

The carbon/kevlar bodywork helps hide the boxy shape of the bike’s 10.6 kWh battery pack quite nicely, leaving our eye to admire the tubular chrome moly steel frame and fine leather seat.

The iPhone dash is perhaps a place where the folks at Aero have fallen for a trap commonly found by many electric motorcycle concepts (complete with a mounted GoPro Session 4), though our bigger complaint is with the added gearbox, which only dilutes the pure power experience electrics can provide.

Still, we would be more than happy to give the Aero E-Racer a rip.


























Source: Aero Motorcycles via Rocket Garage

  • drivin98

    “…is a five-speed gearbox, with a hydraulic clutch.”


  • SuperRetardX

    After a look, I wholeheartedly disagree with your assumption that this was designed by someone who understands motorcycles. Visual candy but rather impractical!

  • Right??!

  • 314Daws

    As a supermoto tragic, the styling tickles me in all the right places, Good to see an electric bike that looks “mechanical”.

  • n/a

    It’s impossible to do electric right.

  • sarathmenon

    And why? Electric drivetrains have a peak efficiency rpm-band, just like hydrocarbon based ones. Done properly, a gearbox brings a much needed efficiency and range, with minimal loss of weight. These is a reason that every team in Formula-E runs a gearbox, it’s not for show.

  • Go chase the kids off your lawn.

  • Ok, I’ll bite. What about it looks impractical to you?

  • While it’s true that the torque curve of an electric motor isn’t perfectly flat, the minimal gains made by a gearbox in keeping the revs at peak torque are completely lost by complexity mechanical loss.

    Gearboxes make some sense with low-voltage systems, since you can use mechanical torque to compensate for a lack of electrical torque, but this work-around is completely unnecessary on high-voltage systems.

    I wouldn’t look at Formula E as a place where electric vehicle technology is really being showcased, either.

  • SuperRetardX

    I think the seat and lack of a rear fender is a dead giveaway to some hipster designed dream. The 70’s upholstery seat for a retro touch? It’s not like the world has realized fenders are unnecessary all of a sudden…

  • imprezive

    How many people run a rear fender on street bikes? It’s the first thing most sport and naked bike riders take off.

  • Ok then.

  • Capitalview

    19″ wheels. Or that is just a typo in your article. They look like 17s.

  • Spec sheet says 19″ wheels, which is what you’d expect on a street tracker. To help your proportions, that front disc is supposedly a 300mm unit.

  • goluse

    Mmmmmmmm Sexy, daddy like (or is it mama like? Hmm, Can’t decide. ..). Before I read the post I was thinking. “Haven’t been this turned on by an electric since the last iteration of the E1pc” ( Agreed ET AL redshift and mission r/rs (one tear).
    Gearbox does seem silly. I just have one question. Can I get one with that sexy kickstand? So delicious. Kickstands out! (That makes no sense)

  • Get out.

  • Superlight

    To my eyes that is one of the ugliest bikes ever created, electric or otherwise.

  • n/a

    I don’t have a lawn.

  • n/a

    So. You like E-cycles, eh?

    ‘E-cycles’, lol.

  • jake woods

    I already know I cant afford it, but if this thing ever sniffs 8-10k I would happily put money down on a deposit..

    Cant think of a better urban commuter,

  • Sven Ram

    You might wanna look into this (Art Center or not):

  • PeteN95

    I like it, but those are 17″ wheels!

  • Jose

    Uau…!!! This thing belongs in an Art Center!

  • Fidel Cash-Flow

    Interesting subframe! Bike looks alright, but it still falls into the trap of covering a big black monolith with cheap plastics. Can we think outside the box, literally?

  • Emptybee

    That seat looks like it was ripped right out of Uncle Bob’s hot rod.

  • I just measured it up in Photoshop. 17″ wheels they are!

  • El Apestoso

    While a transmission can be of value to an electric drivetrain, a 5 speed mechanical gearbox will cost more than it gives back. Really would only need a 2 or 3 speed.

    On the other hand, when electromagnetic gearboxes finally make it into production, it’s likely you’ll see more transmissions on EVs.

  • drivin98

    Because it adds unnecessary weight and decreases effiency. Could achieve better result with higher voltage and a slightly bigger motor.

    Gears are good if you want to achieve a super-high rate of speed, but two-speed is plenty.

  • Blackbird

    That would make me want electric…..

  • AndrewF

    For me, people on those Johammers bring up an image of cartoon characters riding lady bugs, holding on by their antennae. I’ll pass!

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Looks interesting, but my Zero SR would eat this thing’s lunch in eco mode.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Brown should only be on big fat cruisers.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Ugly, yes. Interesting, yes.

  • AndrewF

    Well, we could not cover it with plastics, but then the bike would get slammed for having a large, ugly box – as the concept displayed by Energica and shown here recently demonstrates. Could we have batteries not shaped like a box? I’m not an engineer but I suspect there is a reason why they are shaped as they are… maybe something to do with packing the largest amount of components into available space?