AC Schnitzer BMW S1000RR – Wiener not Winner

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AC Schnitzer is better known in the automotive world for making fine BMW parts and automobiles, but the little German tuning shop also tries its hand at motorcycles from time to time. Unfortunately the company’s prowess at making four-wheeled BMW’s look good and run fast does not translate over well to its two-wheel endeavors. A great example of this is the disappointment we had with the recently released 2010 AC Schnitzer BWM S1000RR, which leaves us here at A&R wanting more schnitzel and less Schnitzer in our Bavarian bikes.

Taking the base BMW S1000RR and adding on an exhaust pipe, top-yoke mounted handlebars, and some various cosemetic enhancements, the AC Schnitzer S1000RR is a work that can be easily replicated in most garages with off-the-shelf parts. AC lists the full “performance package” as including the following:

  • AC Schnitzer Stealth silencer
  • AC Schnitzer Superbike steering conversion
  • AC Schnitzer Kennzeichenhalter
  • AC Schnitzer clutch and brake levers
  • AC Schnitzer crashpads
  • AC Schnitzer Performance Sports Air Filter
  • AC Schnitzer mirror extensions
  • AC Schnitzer brake fluid reservoir

The bike looks like, and probably functions as, a rolling advertisement for parts AC Schnitzer plans on producing for S1000RR owners; however its motorcycle productions as a whole continue to diverge from the level of undertaking the brand executes on the cars that come its way. With the S1000RR being BMW’s crowning jewel of motorcycle performance, we were hoping that AC Schnitzer would have gotten on-board a little bit more. We were painfully wrong of course.

We’d love to see the German tuning brand really dive into the bike’s inner workings and churn out a real performance package, but sadly this S1000RR is like the rest of the AC Schnitzer motorcycle line: bland and derivative. Photos below.

Source: AC Schnitzer via MCN