Honda ST125 Dax Debuts for the European Market

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I am just going to front-load this opinion: motorcycle press photos need more wiener dogs in them. It just works, and when they are paired with a pint-sized motorcycle like the Honda Dax…well, it just makes obvious sense.

An early 2023 model, the Honda ST125 Dax is a continuation of Big Red’s miniMoto lineup, using the same 9hp, 124cc, SOHC, two-valve engine found on the Honda Super Cub 125, complete with an auto-clutch handling shifting for the four-speed gearbox.

The pressed steel chassis is a monocoque design, and also doubles as the bike’s one-gallon (3.8 liters) fuel tank. As such, the whole bike weighs 236 lbs (107kg) at the curb and ready to go.

Good for two-up riding, adorned with LED lighting, and with a single-channel ABS system, the retro-styled machine is another addition to Honda’s approachable small-displacement lineup.

The original Dax never made it to American shores though, and it is not clear if this latest edition will either. For now, Honda is showcasing the 2023 Honda ST125 Dax as only a European model (no word on pricing yet, though).

Made in Honda’s Thailand factory though, it wouldn’t be a big stretch to imagine the Dax arriving in other markets, if such a demand was vocalized. So, have your say in the comments.