The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX Gets a Radar Upgrade for 2022

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Team Green’s flagship sport-tourer is getting the Bosch radar upgrade for the 2022 model year, adding adaptive cruise control, blindspot monitoring, and forward collision warning to the Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX.

The system is the same one that we tested on the Ducati Multistrada V4 (and have seen debuting on BMW and KTM machinery, and it features a radar detector on the front and rear of the supercharged motorcycle.

Another feature added for the 2022 model year is Kawasaki’s “SPIN” infotainment system, which allows ones smartphone to be view as a picture-in-picture screen on the 6.5″ TFT dash.

With Showa semi-active suspension on the “SE” variant, and both trim levels coming with cornering ABS, IMU-assisted traction control, launch control, wheelie control, and an up/down quickshifter, Kawasaki hopes that the updated H2 SX will continue to be the premium sport-tourer amongst force-induction minded motorcyclists.

Did we mention that power is rated at 200hp from the 999cc, supercharged, inline-four engine?

While we haven’t gotten confirmation from Kawasaki that the new H2 SX will land in the USA, it is almost certain to do so. Expect a pricing announcement in the coming weeks.

Source: Kawasaki Europe