BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Coming in 2022 with $11,800 MSRP

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The BMW CE 04 electric scooter has debuted, as expected, and will be coming to the US early next year.

Focused on being an electric two-wheeler for the urban market, the BMW CE 04 will come with a price tag that starts at $11,800, which is neither a bargain-basement deal nor a wallet-busting MSRP.

The bike’s aesthetic is probably the machine’s biggest draw, as despite the BME CE 04’s modern look, the new EV platform is a bit underwhelming in the performance category.

The 42hp (peak) motor is said to go 0-30 mph in 2.6 seconds, while the 8.9 kWh battery pack is good for an 80-mile range. Top speed is set at 75 mph (120 km/h).

The bike comes with a 2.6 kW charger, which means a zero-to-full charge time of 4 hours and 20 minutes from any standard US home power outlet. There is an optional quick charger (6.9 kW), which can do a 20% to 80% charge in just 45 minutes.

The lack of a DC fast charger tips BMW’s hand that the CE 04 is considered to be a low-mileage grocery-getter for city environments, with recharges occurring at one’s domicile between trips (likely overnight).

That might be a fair assessment, even if it is a bit behind the frontlines of electric vehicle technology. The upside of course is that the lack of a Level 3 charger means that BMW Motorrad is able to keep costs down on the electric scooter.

Keeping things all in the family, the battery cell technology on the CE 04 comes straight from the BMW iX automobile, and can share a plug setup from BMW Charging Solutions.

In terms of features, the electric scooter is actually fairly packed. It has three riding modes (and you can pay for the fourth, Dynamic mode), there is also dynamic traction control, vehicle automatic stability control, and cornering ABS.

The vehicle settings are handled through a 10.25″ TFT display, which includes a navigation option. All the lighting is done by LEDs, including the headlight.

We think EV nerds might take some qualms with the spec-sheet that BMW has put together with the CE 04, but consumers should be impressed with the bike’s design and its robust package of creature comforts.

At this price tag, we’d call the CE 04 a win for BMW Motorrad, though it is perhaps a more minor piece in the company’s lineup than they think.

Source: BMW Motorrad