A Brand New Yamaha MT-09 Debuts for 2021

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If you had to draw up a list of motorcycles that provide excellent bang for the buck, the Yamaha MT-09 would have to rank high on that list, as the tuning fork brand has put together a potent motorcycle for the price with this three-cylinder machine.

Now for the 2021 model year, the Yamaha MT-09 is getting a massive overhaul, with virtually every piece of the bike changed for next year. This means more power, less weight, and certainly more features.

At the core of the bike is a new engine, which is now a 890cc three-cylinder unit (up from the previous 847cc generation).

Despite the increase in cylinder displacement, Yamaha says that the four-stroke triple weighs less than its predecessor, with new pistons, con-rods, camshafts, and crankcases. It also includes a slip-assist clutch.

Peak power is quoted at 117hp (87.5kW), while peak torque is measured at 69 lbs•ft (93 Nm) at 7,000 rpm, both of which are only slight improvements on the outgoing model’s specs of 113hp / 65 lbs•ft, though one has to remember that the 2021 model is now Euro5 compliant.

The frame is now a diecast Deltabox design, made out of aluminum. The subframe and the radically different swingarm have also been made out of aluminum, which again contributes to the overall weight loss on the 2021 Yamaha MT-09. As such, the quoted curb weight is 417 lbs for the 2021 Yamaha MT-09.

Suspension is handled by KYB, with fully adjustable forks at the front, while the rear shock offers preload and rebound adjustment. Brakes are by Nissin, with a radial master cylinder and dual 298mm discs at the front.

Perhaps the real highlight of the new Yamaha MT-09 is the addition of a more modern electronics package for the 2021 model year.

A six-axis IMU has been fitted to the sport bike, and it assists with the lean-angle sensitive traction control, slide control, cornering ABS, and rear-lift mitigation features.

Also, the dash is now a 3.5″ TFT unit, and there is an up/down quickshifter as standard.

Priced at $9,399 in the United States ($10,799 in Canada), there is a modest boost to the MT-09’s previously sub-$9,000 price tag. But, the extra $400 that is coming in 2021 certainly seems to come with it a bevy of smart upgrades to this popular sport bike package.

Once again, Yamaha seems to have a winner with the MT-09, and this value bike has certainly packed on the features for 2021.

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe

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