Budget-Focused Triumph Trident Teased for Early 2021 Release

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It looks like Triumph has a new three-cylinder machine for the 2021 model year, as the teaser campaign for the Triumph Trident has begun.

A quick look at the prototype being shown, and it is clear what Triumph’s intent is with reviving the Trident name: this is a budget-focused roadster.

Using what looks like a repurposed version of the 675cc three-cylinder engine from the Street Triple, the Triumph Trident promises “class-leading technology”, with a price tag that will hold “great value”.

This surely means that Triumph will pack the Trident with IMU-powered traction control and cornering ABS, but taking a closer look at the prototype also shows where the British brand intends to cut some corners.

Triumph says that a “new” version of the 675cc triple is going to power the Trident, though we can bet that the engine will share more than a few parts with its Street Triple predecessor, though now updated for Euro5 emissions.

We can also see that the rear suspension looks to be a direct-connect, with no complex linkage to provide a progressive movement. Similarly at the front, we can see that the brake calipers are mounted non-radially.

The dash also looks rudimentary and minimalist in its design – a far cry from the TFT units the brand has been aggressive about using on its other models.

Will these choices substantially dilute the Triumph Trident when it arrives in 2021? Probably not in reality, but they will help Triumph likely reach a specific price point.

What that price could be is up for debate, but the base model Triumph Street Triple 765 goes for $9,950, which means that the 2021 Triumph Trident could be well under that mark – maybe even sub-$8,000.

The could be a big advantage for the British brand in appealing to younger riders, especially as the world economy continues to collapse from the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak.

If our predictions on pricing prove to be the case, then maybe it would be easy to overlook some of the short-comings already apparent on the Triumph Trident.

We will have to wait and see, though perhaps that wait won’t be too long. Triumph says that we will see the Trident available in early 2021.

Source: Triumph Motorcycles