Don’t Call It a Harley-Davidson, The Electric LiveWire ONE Debuts

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Part of the overhaul of the Harley-Davidson business operations is the creation of the LiveWire electric motorcycle brand, which will stand apart from the Bar & Shield and offer Milwaukee’s future electric ventures.

As such, LiveWire is ready to show us its first motorcycle…again, as the LiveWire ONE is a lightly updated Harley-Davidson Livewire motorcycle.

“As part of The Hardwire Strategy, we made a commitment that Harley-Davidson would lead in electric,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson.

“We recognized the pioneering spirit and brand value in LiveWire for our community and took the decision to evolve the original LiveWire motorcycle into a dedicated EV brand.”

“Today’s LiveWire ONE builds on the DNA of Harley-Davidson but with the electric focus and ambition of the new LiveWire brand. Harley-Davidson and LiveWire will continue to rewrite the motorcycle rulebook and we are excited about this next chapter in our legacy.”

Launching in the USA with a $21,999 MSRP, the LiveWire ONE is significantly cheaper than its predecessor, and more in-line with the price expectations of the marketplace and similar offerings from competing EV brands (namely, the Zero SR/F).

That price decrease doesn’t mean a decrease in performance, however, with the LiveWire ONE continuing the 105hp / 86 lbs•ft ratings from the Harley-Davidson model.

The battery also remains at 13.6 kWh (nominal), with a quoted city range of 146 miles, and a mixed city/highway range of 95 miles. The Level 3 DC fast-charging option remains as well, and makes the bike a standout in the category.

In essence, the folks in Milwaukee have dropped the orange color choice for the LiveWire ONE – aptly, since it’s no longer a Harley-Davidson – and taken $7,800 off the sticker price…again, because it’s not a Harley-Davidson.

The branding and messaging is a little weird and muddled now between Harley-Davidson and LiveWire, which is worth a posting in its own right…

But, in terms of product, the pricing on the LiveWire ONE is what we should have seen from the American brand in the first place, and makes it perhaps the strongest contender in the category of proper electric street bikes.

Source: Harley-Davidson