HRC Releases Race-Ready Version of the New Honda CBR600RR

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The new Honda CBR600RR may not be coming to the United States for the 2021 model year, but it certainly has generated some interest on this side of the Pacific Rim.

Adding fuel to that fire now is the race-ready version that HRC is making available in January 2021.

Devoid of the bits and bobs that make a street bike a street bike, the HRC-spec Honda CBR600RR is built only for track use, and comes with several features for that duty.

First off, HRC has created a new wiring harness, which makes sense when you consider how many electric bits have been removed from the CBR600RR to make it race-ready.

Honda’s racing house has also made some equipment changes, namely thicker brake discs up front, track-tuned suspension pieces, a new muffler, a larger radiator, a different throttle, and the ability to change the fuel injection mapping.

The bike will surely improve upon the quoted 120hp for the street bike version, though it is hard to say by how much. Additionally, it will obviously be lighter than the productions model’s quoted figure of 428 lbs at the curb.

Of course, the winglets remain, and we would assume so does the IMU-assisted electronics (except for the cornering ABS, which has been deleted from the system).

HRC says that a limited number of bikes will be sold in Japan, however there is no word on exactly how many bikes will be built, and how much they will cost.

Source: HRC