BMW R18 Classic Debuts with Subtle Differences

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BMW Motorrad is beginning the release of its new motorcycles for the 2021 model year, and first up is the new BMW R18 Classic.

Calling this air-cooled 1,800cc cruiser a “new” model might be a stretch, since the bike is heavily based off the BMW R18 that is just now getting to dealerships.

The bulk of the “new” in the BMW R18 Classic is the addition of parts bin items, like a windscreen, touring bags, additional LED lights, and a different passenger seat.

To their credit though, the Germans have also brought a new exhaust design to the table, as well as a new 16″ front wheel, both of which create a subtle difference in the R18 Classic’s look compared to the regular R18 model.

BMW Motorrad has also added cruise control to the package as a standard item, which helps push the R18 Classic to a more practical area of riding, while also offering more features.

Priced at $19,495 MSRP, owners of the BMW R18 Classic will have to pay $21,870 for their machines – a similar move to what was done with the R18 model.

All-in-all, the BMW R18 Classic feels like a parts bin special of the R18 model, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it adds some more variety to the lineup.

However, considering how late the BMW R18 took to get to dealership floors, the arrival of the R18 Classic could also feel like a cramping of the original bike, and a crowding of space on BMW dealership floors.

We have known that BMW Motorrad would make a platform of motorcycles from the R18, and today we get the first glimpse of that platform’s progression. Instead of a leap though, we get a step, and that is an interesting move from the German brand.

Source: BMW Motorrad