Refinements Come to the 2021 BMW G310R

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The BMW G310R sees an update for the 2021 model year, namely in the hopes of refining this entry-level machine with some of the German brand’s upmarket knowledge.

The most obvious changes are on the exterior, where we see new body panels and a new headlight assembly. Rest assured though, the same 313cc single-cylinder engine and chassis remains on this pint-sized street bike.

As such, we are talking about a 34hp (25 kW) power figure, with 21 lbs•ft (28 Nm) of torque on tap. Of note though, that small thumper is now Euro5 compliant, and now features a ride-by-wire throttle.

There is also an anti-hopping slipper clutch added to the package, which will be a welcomed addition for those who like to bang down through the gears during braking (or those novice riders who haven’t perfected their clutch release yet).

The new headlight is an all-LED affair, as are the new turn signals, which adds a more premium feel to the roadster.

Adding a little more comfort too, the hand levers are now adjustable to four levels, on both the front brake and clutch.

Certainly not a massive upgrade for BMW’s entry-level model, but the 2021 changes bring the bike into homologation for the changing European regulations, while also filling some of the gaps on the G310R’s look and feel.

We have to say, the 2021 BMW G310R certainly does appeal more to the eye than its predecessor.


Source: BMW Motorrad