The New Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L Finally Debuts for 2020

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The wait is finally over, as Big Red has finally taken the wraps off its revised version of the Honda Africa Twin for the Euro5 emission standard.

The result is a “CRF1100L” motorcycle, which tips the notion that this adventure-tourer has an 86cc displacement increase, as expected. This accounts for a 7% increase in peak power (101hp / 75 kW), along with a 6% increase in peak torque (77 lbs•ft / 105 Nm).

Despite all this, the 2020 Honda Africa Twin gets a modest weight reduction as well, to the tune of an extra 10 lbs (501 lbs at the curb, non-DCT model). But most importantly, the Japanese brand has brought some significant features to the fray, making the Africa Twin not only potent, but sophisticated.

To make the emission requirements, and to help against the neutering the comes with it, Honda has improved upon the intake and exhaust system on the parallel-twin engine.

Honda has listened to customers about the previous Africa Twin model and beefed up the chassis for 2020 for better handling, while adding a detachable aluminum rear subframe.

There is a new aluminum swingarm design as well, which is a riff on the one found on the Honda CRF450R dirt bike – it is lighter and more rigid than before.

It’s not just all brawn for the 2020 Honda CRF1100L though, as Big Red has added an impressive electronics suite to the package.

This means a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), which allows for 7 levels of traction control, as well as wheelie control, rear-wheel lift mitigation, cornering ABS, DCT detection and cornering lights.

The dash is a 6.5″ TFT touchscreen display (thank you Moto Jesus!), which works with Apple CarPlay software. Cruise control has also been added – a much-demanded feature lacking on the older model.

To split the market, Honda is going to continue offering two trim levels of the Africa Twin. Both bikes are off-road focused, but the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES gets a bevy of upgrades to make it ready for treks across the globe.

A larger 6.5 gallon fuel cell is added (the base model has a 5.0 gallon fuel tank), and there is Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment suspension (EERA), tubeless wheels, heated grips, an accessory socket, a larger skid plate, and an aluminum rear rack.

Available in March 2020, the new Honda Africa Twin will come with the following price points: Africa Twin: $14,399; Africa Twin DCT: $15,199; Africa Twin Adventure Sports SE: $17,199; & Africa Twin Adventure Sports SE DCT: $17,999.

From this news, it would seem that once again Honda has set the mark for the true off-road ADV space, offering a capable but affordable machine for dual-sporters.

The real beauty of Honda’s 2020 machine though is the features that Big Red has packed into its flagship off-road machine, while only bumping the price tag by $1,300 MSRP.

Where the previous iteration felt stripped down and purpose-driven, the 2020 Honda Africa Twin adds the features that have held up other brands in the space, making this a a no-excuses ADV offering from Japan. As such, the European marques should take note.

Photos of the 2020 Honda Africa Twin (CRF1100L):

Source: American Honda