When “Bold New Graphics” Really Means Bold New Graphics

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It is not uncommon for manufacturer to merely update a motorcycle’s graphics package for a new model year, even if no other mechanical changes are coming. It helps keep the bike fresh in the consumers’ eyes, and perhaps it is just enough to lure some would-be buyers into a purchase.

This started the marketing phrase “bold new graphics” to be uttered when such visual refreshes occurred, but in the past decade or so, the phrase has taken on more of an ironic meaning to show that no new changes are coming for a particular motorcycle model, leaving only the color change to be touted.

In the case of the MV Agusta F3, however, the phrase “bold new graphics” is quite literal, as the graphics are indeed bold in color and application, and they are a bit of a departure from what we would expect from the Italian brand.

The F3 is a beautiful example of a motorcycle in its own right, and we have never had a problem with the supersport’s aesthetic (it goes pretty good around a track, too), but for the 2019 model year, the 675cc and 800cc machines are getting quite the makeover.

If you had to describe MV Agusta’s approach to liveries, we would call it “classical” as the Varesini brand usually picks simple color designs that hold to the test of time. That philosophy remains for 2019, though the colors are more lively, and the patterns are more modern.

The effect is still tasteful, but it certainly brings an update to the seven-year-old model. For our money, it is hard to pick between the “Intense Sky Blue / Night Grey” and the more classic “Agostini Red / Agostini Grey” options, though the “Ice Grey / Aviation Grey” livery is very fetching too.

Source: MV Agusta