Fantic Caballero Rally 500 Is a Minor Work, But Still Gorgeous

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We are big fans of what boutique Italian brand Fantic Motorcycles is doing with its 450cc lineup. To our eye, the Fantic Callabero 500 is modern vintage done right. It almost makes us wish we lived in Europe, so we could go ride the big thumper in anger.

New for this year’s EICMA show is another 450cc bike from the brand, the Fantic Caballero Rally 500. It isn’t an earth-shattering design, and it obviously borrows very heavily from the Fantic Caballero 500 scrambler, but we still enjoy it.

Built around a 450cc single-cylinder engine that makes 40hp and 30 lbs•ft of torque, the Fantic Caballero Rally 500 isn’t overly peppy, but also not revy and high-strung.

Weighing  330 lbs (150 kg) dry, the Fantic Caballero Rally 500 isn’t the lightest dirt bike ever either, but it is still plenty light enough to tackle the scrambling routes it was designed for, rather than posing at a coffee house.

The “Rally” design makes subtle changes to the original, adding a headlight fairing, front fender, handlebar, side number plate, and a modified exhaust to the package.

The suspension is taller now too, with nearly 8″ of travel (200mm) available front and back. The rear shock and 43mm front forks are fully adjustable for preload and damping.

Available in red or green, the 2019 Fantic Caballero Rally 500 is expected in Europe during the spring time of next year. It is truly a shame the Fantic line isn’t coming to the USA. One day, maybe.

Source: Fantic

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