Say Hello to the New BMW R1250RT, Now with ShiftCam

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One of nine new motorcycles coming from BMW Motorrad for the 2019 model year, the new BMW R1250RT is one of five BMW models getting an updated boxer engine that uses “ShiftCam” variable valve timing (click here to see the BMW R1250GS).

The new engine promises better throttle response when touring and at lower speeds, while still providing a sizable power increase at full throttle, to the tune of 134hp and 92 lbs•ft of torque.

The rest of the BMW R1250RT goes largely unchanged from the previous model, however, though BMW Motorrad has added a few notable enhancements beyond the new boxer engine. Specifically, dynamic traction control (DTC), automatic stability control (ASC), and hill-start control (HSC) are now all standard on the 2019 BMW R1250RT model.

BMW is say that it has the “next generation” of its semi-active suspension available on the RT model, as an optional item. The updated Dynamic ESA  automatically adjusts to the vehicle load, and compensates for luggage and additional riders.

However, it really is the new engine, with its ShiftCam valve setup that is the star of the 2019 BMW R1250RT. Providing two possible cam lobes for each valve, the camshaft shifts position in the cylinder head to engage one of the two lobes, depending on throttle inputs. Hence the name, ShiftCam.

This allows for different intake valve actuation (timing and stroke) during touring and city riding, for better gas mileage and softer throttle response, but still leaves the engine the ability to wake up during spirited riding, and provide more power.

Other notes to the boxer engine include the fact that BMW has made the intake timing asynchronous on the cylinder head’s two intake valves, which makes for an enhanced swirling effect of the air inside the combustion chamber. This means a more effective mixing of air and fuel, which means a better combustion.

BMW has also changed the drive system for the camshaft. Instead of a roller chain, the boxer engine now uses a toothed chain. The oil supply to the engine has also been revised, there are twin-jet injection valves, and a new exhaust system as well.

There is no word yet from BMW Motorrad USA on availability and pricing on this side of the pond, but we expect a price increase of roughly $1,000 to accompany any model with the ShiftCam boxer engine.

Source: BMW Motorrad