Here Is the BMW R1250GS with “Shiftcam” Engine Technology

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We have known about the 2019 BMW R1250GS for some time now, but today we get our first real look of the machine, thanks to the bike’s promotional video, which has leaked on the internet (hat tip to the folks at And, despite everything we knew about the BMW R1250GS, the Germans still managed to surprise us.

This is because instead of the “Shiftcam” technology that BMW Motorrad has developed for its revised boxer engine.

Originally tipped to have variable valve technology, we now see how BMW is going to achieve this goal, and the answer is with a camshaft that has dual lobes and a shift gate that engages the high valve lift set during full throttle applications.

The concept is pretty simple, one set of cam lobes  is for normal subdued riding and offers smoother engine response and better mileage, while the other set of cab lobes is for full-throttle application.

The camshaft then traverses the valve train depending on the throttle application, using a mechanical shift gate. It is an interesting approach to a relatively common goal (we still Suzuki’s design takes the cake for simplicity).

Thankfully though, for those among us who are visual learners, you don’t have to take our words for understanding. It looks like the promotional video for the INTERMOT debut of 2019 BMW R1250GS is out, and it shows us two things: 1) what the new GS will look like, and 2) how this new “Shiftcam” technology works. 

The video also confirms power delivery of 136hp, 105 lbs•ft of peak torque, and not much changes visually for the new BMW R1250GS model.

Expect to see the bike officially debut at INTERMOT in a few weeks’ time. Additionally, BMW Motorrad will be debuting nine new motorcycles this new bike season, five of which will be “R” series bikes, which are all getting this new “Shiftcam” boxer engine.

What will the other four machines be? We’re not entirely sure, but we have some good guesses, and we have already seen signs of the 2019 BMW G310RR sport bike.

Thanks for the tip Merck!