KTM RC16 Will Come as a 2018 Model

12/06/2016 @ 10:59 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


We knew from the outset of KTM’s MotoGP project with the RC16 race bike that the “Ready to Race” brand would also release the KTM RC16 as a track-only model for customers, which would cost six-figures in European currency.

Talking to Germany’s Speedweek publication, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has tipped some more information on the “consumer version” of the KTM RC16 race bike.

Good news too, as Pierer says that KTM hopes to make at least 100 units of the machine for consumers, and that KTM wants to keep the customer RC16 as close to the MotoGP bike as possible.

Of course, the 270hp V4 power plant isn’t quite achievable in a customer platform, but KTM hints at a 240hp peak power figure from the 90° V4 “screamer” engine, which should do quite nicely.

Even though this is an ultra-premium track-only motorcycle, price is a big concern for KTM. As such, when the KTM RC16 debuts for public consumption in 2018, it will be priced below the Honda RC213V-S.

Pierer says he would like to price the KTM RC16 somewhere between €100,000 and €120,000, in order to make the machine more “affordable” to enthusiasts.

We are not quite sure that “affordable” is translating correctly to German in this instance, but it will certainly be intriguing to see what kind of machine KTM makes available to the public in a year’s time.






Source: Speedweek

  • Paul M. Fenn

    Red Bull didn’t give it wings?

  • Superlight

    More exotic bikes available is always good news, but the pricing here is for Jay Leno and his media/sports buddies. The rest of us can only dream.

  • PAra

    It will join the other brands like Honda or Ducati to offer MotoGP technology for “normal” customers. I’m quite happy to see that and it’s definitely a good news. I wonder will this be limited to some 500 units or so.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Merely pocket change. Needs 6″ extended swingarm. :)

  • n/a

    Cheap rip off of Honda RCV?….No thanks.

  • Clint Keener

    Heh. Except totally different.

  • n/a

    Frame, gas tank and suspension?

    They had to make those different to avoid copyright infringement lol.

  • paulus

    I am so ‘Red Bull’d’ out…. Can they and other sugary death beverages just leave it off for a while?

  • BBQdog

    OK, I will double++ my lottery investment until then.

  • Pete

    Before or after we throw some neon orange LED lights all over it?

  • Gary

    Dear KTM, see how nice a bike looks when form follows function?

  • KTM certainly deserves some recognition for having the dubious distinction of having some of the ugliest bikes on planet earth. They are freaking great bikes, but butt-ugly!

  • Gary

    Totally agree…

  • coreyvwc

    KTM doesn’t design their own bikes. That part is outsourced to the KISKA design firm. Same as Husqvarna.

  • Paul McM

    I see what you did there. Clever.

  • Johnny Five Alive

    I bet whoever buys this will get a matching suit, helmet, and trailer.

  • Bob K

    It will probably have more than 100 HP in the USA version too. :)

  • n/a

    Comparing it to the RC213V-S?

  • Senior TT?

  • It would be at the discretion of the TT organizers, and I wouldn’t expect to see that granted in this case. Keep in mind too, just because something is a good track bike, doesn’t make it a good roads bike.

  • Of course. I was thinking somebody like Ian Lougher and remembering the Suter. I don’t expect it to win but it’s as close as we’re likely to get to having a proper MotoGP bike on the island.

  • Bo

    Now, if KTM can make an RC16 street bike in the range of BMW’s RR or Ducati’s models, that would be really cool. $130K is not in the reach of most folks who would love to throw a leg over such a bike.