Photos of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing Leak Online

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What you see here are early leaked photos of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing – one of the most successful and important motorcycles for the Western markets.

Honda is expected to debut this new model at a media event in October, but our friends at MaxxMoto and Oliepeil managed to get their dirty Dutch-speaking mits on these low-res gems, ahead of time.

Beyond the styling refresh, the most obvious change that we can see for the Honda Goldwing is the new front-end, which appears to be a Hossack-styled design – similar to what BMW uses on its K-series motorcycles.

The engine continues to be a flat-six, from the view in the photos, though we can expect some changes to the massive block – likely with fewer emissions, maybe with more torque/power.

The dash and infotainment controls have also been noticeably updated as well, adding to the overall theme which is the modernization of this iconic motorcycle. 

It will be interesting to see the full list of upgrades and technical changes for the Honda Gold Wing later next month. So far, we like what we see.

Source: MaxxMoto & Oliepeil