When we rode the MV Agusta Brutale 800 earlier this year, we called it the best motorcycle ever to come out of Varese, Italy. The current Brutale 800 is finally a motorcycle that comes from fully baked from the MV Agusta factory, and it shows what the Italian company can accomplish.

Riding through the MV Agusta Brutale 800 at the press launch, our only lament was our desire for more power from the 800cc three-cylinder engine. Thankfully, the Italians have heard our request.

Debuting at the EICMA show in Milan, the 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR comes with all the refinements we praised in the Brutale 800 model, and adds a 140hp peak power figure to the mix (63 lbs•ft @ 10,100 rpm), along with new forged wheels and updated electronics.

Of course, the 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR is now Euro4 compliant, and most of the changes that the Italian brand has made to its Brutale 800 RR deal with meeting noise and exhaust emissions.

As such, the new Brutale 800 RR has a larger exhaust chamber, and comes with multiple pieces and designs that aim to reduce engine noise and vibrations.

With these changes comes a healthy increase in weight, a 15 lbs increase to be precise, which makes the 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR tip the scales at 386 lbs dry.

Another important bullet point to the updated MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR is the upgraded electronics package, which includes an improved ride-by-wire and an EAS 2.0 quickshifter that now makes seamless up and downshifts. The 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR also now has an on-board diagnostic (ODB) function built into the dash.

Other features include an eight-level traction control system, and dual-channel Bosch ABS. Suspension continues to be provided by fully adjustable Marzocchi forks and a Sachs rear shock, but now also includes a new steering damper. Brakes are done by Brembo, with 320mm discs and four-piston radially mounted calipers up front.

There is no word yet on the US pricing or availability.





Source: MV Agusta

As always, Asphalt & Rubber will be covering all the new bikes debuting at EICMA this year. Be sure to follow our coverage for the most recent news and photos.

  • Looks like they also cleaned up the wire mess of the right side …

  • Michael

    does this one have the counter rotating crank?

  • leDelmo

    I am really glad these bikes are doing well.

    But, I still want to know what they are planning with the F4 line.
    Would love if MV could bring a real Big Bang motor to market. “And No the Yamaha is NOT a big bang bike”

    I know it wont happen but one can dream.

  • Superlight

    All the MV triples have the counter-rotating crank.

  • paulus

    Has the US improved its dealer network yet?
    What is the general feeling for sales, service support?

  • Ha!

  • Alam R

    MV just build some great looking bikes and this is no exception. A middleweight bike pushing 140bhp is pretty awesome. I would love a bike like this but unfortunately it would get stolen so quick in London it would be funny!

    Good job MV.

  • Superlight

    I wish I could say “yes”, but MV is still in financial trouble and many who were thinking about opening stores in the US backed out. My nearest dealer is 300 miles away. On the other hand, I really like my F3.

  • allworld

    I have the 2016 Burtale 800 RR and love it. It came with the EAS 2.0 quickshifter. This updated 2017 model offers even more to love.
    There are a lot of mid-size nakeds to choose from, but if you have never ridden an MV
    you should. They are not cheap to buy or operate, but they are premium motorcycles and IMO worth every penny.

  • Jo Eelen

    so whats the weight completely filled with battery , oil in every oil-beggingpart and a full tank ? Need to know for my camper …

  • paulus

    thanks for the info

  • Superlight

    About 420 lbs full of all fluids.

  • Jo Eelen

    190.508795 kilograms
    Thank you superlight, thank you google :)