2017 Honda CRF450 Supermoto, for France Only

11/30/2016 @ 10:27 am, by Jensen Beeler35 COMMENTS


America might have invented supermoto racing, but the sport’s largest support base easily comes now from that other side of the Atlantic – more specifically, from France.

So, it shouldn’t surprise us to learn that Honda’s French importer Superboost makes a special supermoto version of the Honda CRF450 for the French market.

For the 2017 model year, the Honda CRF450 Supermoto follows that changes made to Big Red’s 450cc dirt bike, which notably includes the return of fork springs (goodbye air forks), an electric starter, and down-draft fuel injection.

Basically a kit that is added at the importer level, the 2017 Honda CRF450 Supermoto lineup has three models, building off the CRF450R (€11,299), CRF450RX (€10,999), and CRF450X dirt bike (€10,999), with each getting their own taste of the supermoto treatment.

For American readers, don’t expect to see these supermoto models at your local dealership, as this is strictly a project undertaken by the Frenchies.

Though, it would be nice to see American Honda supporting the local supermoto scene, and offering some sort of motard kit for its venerable CRF450. The Swedes and the Austrians shouldn’t have all the fun.

















Source: Moto-Station

  • Ur Momma

    This makes me giddy!

  • Ryan Donahue

    Daddy like. Bring to US, please.

  • NortNad

    Only France? Selling it as a kit makes sense. How will the crank journals be like after 2 years commuting?

  • n/a

    Re-filling the gas as often as this will need, you’ll give up commuting it after 2 weeks?

  • SMRacer

    Ummm where do I start!? American certainly did not invent Supermoto racing. This is a kit offered by a French importer, not anything official from Honda – so you can just source some Warp 9 / Alpina / whatever wheels, brakes, etc., and have a bike just as good, no secret here.

  • paulus

    You don’t own one purely for its commuting abilities. It’s a Hoon-weapon.
    The Enduro tank on the X versions is fairly adequate by off-road standards… it is still quite small, but not MX small sized. There will also be a whole bunch of AM oversized tanks out there for desert warriors and er,… really fast commuters.

  • paulus

    The difference is that the French offer is an importer special. Potentially road registered, straight from the dealer. It would be a legal scoot… That probably means warranty, service and dealer financing also. Not sure of legalities of the US, but in Europe it can be complicated to get an off-road bike up to legal spec’s.

  • azboy

    No instruments… :-(

  • dbwindhorst

    Was there something before “Superbikers”?

  • MikeD

    GUUD LAWD…(O_O)…have mercy.

  • transistorplanet

    Wait did you say fuel injection? That’s what’s been keeping me from a DRZ… paint it black, bring it to the US, and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Supermoto most definitely got its start in the USA, with ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Can you make you’re own supermoto from a CRF450? Most certainly. Straight from the dealership though? There, your options are more limited.

  • Importer special! That’s the phrase I couldn’t come up with when I was writing this story. Thanks. That was driving me crazy.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Friggin’ Frenchies…. *grumble grumble grumble*

  • randybsinger

    I’ve thought about purchasing a Honda motocrosser and dropping it off at a local bike builder’s shop to turn into a street legal supermoto. I think that lots of enthusiasts have considered the same thing. In theory you could turn a motocrosser into the world’s most fun street bike with just a few mods.

    The problem is that a four-stroke motocrosser has some ridiculously short period between required rebuilds. It’s something like 15 to 20 hours! These bikes are built to be light-weight racers, not to be durable. I can’t see having to rebuild my motorcycle every single month or so! That would get to be annoying really quickly.

    You can probably re-engineer just about every piece of the bike’s motor to be much more durable, but the cost would likely be huge to do so. And you’d probably end up with something that wouldn’t be as generally good as a KTM 690 enduro or SuperDuke.

  • Nicko55

    450cc street conversions are way cool, I built one from a Yamaha years ago. However the problem is: they’re completely uncompromising compared to any street bike you can name. Stiff as a board, harsh vibration, not meant to cruise at a constant speed. They’re racebikes!

    I saw another comment comparing these to a DRZ 400 – haha not even close. You could ride a DRZ all day around town, maybe even a little highway time. One of these would have you screaming for mercy after an hour of street riding tops. These bikes are for attacking corners only folks – which is why my current 450 supermoto doesn’t wear lights :)

  • RD350

    I ride an XR650L with SuperMoto package. I love it. But I would sell it in a minute if they brought this CRF into the States. This looks awesome to me. For inner city transport or for tearing up back country roads, nothing beats a motard!

  • Aron Bauer

    The Elsinore GP in the early 70’s.

  • Aron Bauer

    My street legal ’06 KTM 560 SMR was pretty damn fast and could smoke any sport bike in the canyons.

  • paulus

    With motard’s and Enduro bikes you want longer service intervals than the MX gives. The big service point used to be the valve clearances. This is much better these days, but still less than street bike levels. Replace Titanium with Stainless valves for almost street bike levels of adjustment periods. There is a small sacrifice in RPM max but it is worth it.

  • dbwindhorst

    Hadn’t really thought of Elsinore as SM, but I guess it’s just a matter of different dirt/pavement mix, so that’s a good point. Wouldn’t the original Catalina GP fit that definition too, then?

  • Aron Bauer

    I think it would. Been to both as a kid growing up in SoCal watching my father race.

  • Aron Bauer

    And as Nicko55 said it was just meant to haul ass fast. Pure race bike. No comfort what so ever. Just like the most fun you can have with your pants off…..it only lasts for 45 minutes if you’re lucky.

  • Aron Bauer

    Yes, we did. Research it.

  • dbwindhorst

    It’s great that footage from the original Catalina race is online. Wonderful vintage stuff.

    I was an Illinois/Kentucky kid, so never got to see Elsinore, but after The Movie, thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. Must have been a real treat to watch your dad compete.

  • Aron Bauer

    Cool! I’ll have to check that out!

  • Aron Bauer

    He placed 2nd at Elsinore in ’71 in the sidecar class.

  • Aron Bauer

    He also was a ‘spotter’ for ABC tele at the MX USGP’s at Carslbad. Telling the dunce’s speaking into the microphone what was really happening on the track….Jim McKay and Sam Posey…

  • dbwindhorst
  • LeDelmo

    Man I wish the Japanese would get it together already.

    Kawasaki needs to finally make a proper Enduro bike with one of these Supermoto options. “That KX 450F is one of the best motors for supermoto. Absolutely bulletproof”

    Not like these Honda motors. These things blow up way to easily.

  • RD350


  • Aron Bauer


  • Aron Bauer

    My father caught some footage “On Any Sunday” as a sidecar racer.

  • pidgin

    Just lol, the dirtbikes go for super cheap used, zero reason to buy this for new when you can get a dirtbike for 2k and put 1k worth of mods into it and you have a supermoto.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    In Florida it is a huge PITA. You basically have to get an out of state friend to get it plated in their state and then transfer it to Florida. You get the joy of paying off two different states and annoying/inconveniencing your friend.