The 2017 Aprilia RS-GP MotoGP Race Bike Debuts

03/03/2017 @ 5:26 am, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS

The final factory MotoGP to debut its 2017 MotoGP Championship race bike, Aprilia has finally debuted the 2017 Aprilia RS-GP that Aleix Espargaro and Sam Lowes will campaign this year.

The Italian outfit continues to make quiet strides in its development with the RS-GP, though the efforts from Suzuki and KTM tend to dominate the headlines. For the 2017 season, Aprilia looks ready to take another step forward, especially with Aleix Espargaro at the helm.

The biggest task for the 2017 will be to bring more horsepower to the Aprilia RS-GP. The machine reportedly handles quite well, though that is often an item of praise that changes as the power increases.

Still, the elder Espargaro brother has shown an impressive pace on the Aprilia RS-GP during the pre-season tests, while his teammate Sam Lowes continues to simply learn and adapt his riding style to suit the more powerful machinery found in the MotoGP Championship.

Noticeably absent from the team’s livery launch photos are the new aerodynamic fairings that the Noale factory was testing in Phillip Island.

This might be due to Aprilia not wanting high-resolution photos of its aero work circulating on the internet, or it is simply nod to the fact that the aerodynamics for the 2017 season are still under development.

“For us, 2017 begins with a different situation compared with last year. We already know that we have a bike, the RS-GP, which has reached a good competitive level,” said Romano Albesiano, Aprilia Racing Manager.

“The evolutions that we studied and applied in view of the new season concern every aspect of the bike, from its weight, which has been optimised, to overall balance, not to mention engine performance and the electronics package.”

“An all-around operation but without any drastic changes, given the good starting base, with which we want to take another step toward the goals set for the Aprilia MotoGP project. The initial feedback has been encouraging.”

“Aleix likes the new bike and has some rather clear ideas on which characteristics have the most room for improvement, so we will be working in those areas throughout the season.”

“The racing department put in a lot of effort during the winter break. Everyone understands the importance of the challenge we are facing and our front fairing is just the most visible example of Aprilia’s dedication to innovation.”

“During the tests we stayed in a group of very competitive bikes and riders, where just a few tenths of a second can make a big difference. Our goal, after showing that we can consistently battle for the Top-10, is to improve further.”

Source: Aprilia

  • Matthew Grannell

    They’ve successfully made a factory bike look like a satellite bike.

  • Superlight

    It’s amazing to me that Aprilia and MV put so much emphasis on racing (Aprilia at the top level), yet do so little to expand/build their dealer points. Seems like the wrong priorities to me.

  • transistorplanet

    Good lord that’s horrendous. Last year was one of the best-looking bikes. Now Espargaro and Lowes looks like christmas elves or mini-grinches or something. I hope is paying for the entire season, whoever that is.

  • motoschmoto

    If they made a moto version of the movie CARS, this would be a character in it. For some reason it makes me think of Now & Laters. Best of luck to the riders though. Look forward to seeing them mix it up this season.

  • n/a


  • n/a

    Never mind dealer points, they should get the race department engineers to develop the street bikes. I got an ‘end of the line’ model RSV Factory, the quality of engineering/parts is shocking.

  • MikeD

    Aprilia: Ducati called, they want your poor imitation SuperLeggera paintjob to be taken down.

  • Gearsau

    What a waste of internet space….. Hideous, and, really, how many photos do we need ?

  • MikeD
  • major tom

    The under dogs, no? This paint scheme will be seen if nothing else and that is the point isn’t it? I’d wager it will surpass KTM in any measure. A podium? I’d like that very much. Best of luck………..

  • Jd

    Go Git’em Aprilia..Good luck I hope it goes well..

  • Motonut_1

    Lots of nice pics. Don’t see any of the subtle fairing interior wings that the other major players have. Maybe they’ll have a redesigned fairing by the time the season starts.

  • BBQdog

    Those straight lines on the side of the fairing kill the line of the bike itself.
    Same with Ducati tricolore for example the 1098.

  • TB

    If the PI test is anything to go by, this is going to be the angriest sounding bike in the field.

  • Andre Capitao Melo

    Who’s this “we” you’re talking about?

  • Gearsau

    We, as in the ” Royal We ” …. What an overkill, and, what a hideous paint scheme

  • darren636

    aprilia chesterfield and the all-time great reggiani replica it ain’t.

  • Fivespeed 302

    I think KTM is their only real competition. Suzuki has already left them in the dust and will be playing with the big boys, while KTM and Aprilia will be bringing up the rear, with the satellite teams mixed in for fun. Just my crappy prediction.

  • Rhudge Fernandez

    shockingly good or bad?

  • n/a

    Shockingly bad.

    If it didn’t have as many issues/potential issues it would actually be a good bike.

  • Manny Fresh

    Exactly what I was thinking. No real singular design. I feel the same about the 2017 Repsol Honda livery.

  • Dc4go

    Paint job looks like my 4 year old did it with crayons.

  • Steve Cole

    I have had exactly the opposite experience. My Aprilias thus far have been more reliable than my Suzukis.