A New “MT” from Yamaha, But What Is It?

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Yamaha is teasing a new model to its MT family (that’s the FZ family, for American readers), but the teaser doesn’t tell us much beyond that a new model is coming. Yamaha’s video says that the new model is a “Ray of Darkness” which continues Yamaha’s “Dark Side of Japan” tagline from previous years for the MT line.

What model Yamaha has up its sleeve is an interesting thought exercise, as the Iwata brand has already debuted a 125cc and 250cc single-cylinder models, a 689cc two-cylinder model, and a 847cc three-cylinder model under the MT name. In the North American markets, the FZ-01 rounds out the FZ family with its 1,000cc four-cylinder engine.

This lineup doesn’t leave too many gaps for Yamaha to fill. Presumably the Japanese manufacturer could make an FZ-09 street tracker similar to the one that Roland Sands built for the brand recently.

Of course, that theory is just one of many, so it should be interesting to see what Yamaha unveils for us at the EICMA show.

Other ideas include a dedicated A2 license compliant machine, since the MT-07 doesn’t quite meet the criteria for Europe’s tiered-licenese system, and is currently offered in a reduced-power version to fill that slot.

You can watch Yamaha’s EICMA unveiling live on the company’s event microsite.

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe

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