Gone Riding: 2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800

01/25/2016 @ 12:45 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


It’s a busy time in the Asphalt & Rubber office, with the entire motorcycle industry deciding that January/February is the perfect time to host events. As such, we should have a flurry of reviews, interviews, and other articles from these events posting to the site over the next few weeks.

For me, this starts two weeks on the road, with my first top near Malaga, Spain for the 2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 launch – the day’s route see us riding the new Brutale 800 near the Mediterranean Sea today, putting about 150km on the bike.

Things are already off to an interesting start, as we woke up to a sizable earthquake, whose epicenter was just on the other side of the sea, 11km off the coast of Morocco. Hopefully that’s not a bad omen for my fellow riders, though for me it felt like being back in California.

Enough of all that, the purpose of this post is to field questions about the 2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 from A&R readers, which I can answer in the comments section. If I don’t know an answer, I will try to get a response from the MV Agusta personnel that are here with me in Spain.

You can follow our thoughts on the bike live via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You can also try searching for the hashtags: #Brutale800 for the thoughts of our colleagues as well.

Spec-Sheet Comparison of Premium Middleweight Naked Motorcycles:

MV Agusta Brutale Ducati Monster 821 Triumph Speed Triple S KTM 690 Duke
Displacement 798cc 821cc 1,050cc 690cc
Engine Triple V-Twin Triple Single
Power 116 hp 110 hp 138 hp 72 hp
Torque 61 lbs•ft 66 lbs•ft 83 lbs•ft 55 lbs•ft
Dry Weight 386 lbs 396 lbs 423 lbs 327 lbs
Electronics TC/ABS/QS TC/ABS TC/ABS ABS (TC/MSR optional)
Price $13,498 $11,695 $13,200 $8,999












Photos: MV Agusta

  • msay

    I always loved the look of this bike and the 2016 update is even better, but I always read in reviews that the fueling is not quite right, did this get refined for 2016?

  • TripleJ

    Is MV going to install a race ABS on their bike? I own a Dragster RR and the ABS is unusable on the track.

  • Westward

    Do the MV’s have immobilizer tech like the Ducati’s?

  • Westward

    Is that a little void, a space, a separation under the pilots saddle, if so is there a technical or comfort advantage, or is it purely aesthetic?

  • When the F3 debuted, the fueling was terrible at the press launch. By the time it made it into the hands of most customers, it was better, but still not what I would call fully baked.

    With each successive machine, the RbW has improved – it’s actually been interesting to tangibly watch the bikes get better with each passing year.

    I would say things were fairly well sorted by 2015, but the 2016 Brutale is truly refined. Maybe one of the best on the market now.

    So to answer your question, yes, it has been refined. Very connected, good response rate. I actually just spent 5 minutes talking to MV Agusta about the spring rate on the throttle return. UX is an interesting field.

  • Superlight


  • It is a void. It’s pretty much for aesthetics. I suspect it’s going to be a something we see on future models as well.

  • Race ABS is on the F3 & F4. I wouldn’t expect to see them bring a Race ABS setup to a bike like the Dragster, which is designed for the street.

  • Superlight

    The Brutale was beautiful before, but these latest changes take it to an even higher level. IMHO, there is no better looking naked bike. Period.

  • GP

    Not Brutale specific, and I doubt they will tell you, but can you ask if they have any plans to add a similar LED headlight ring to the F3?

  • Reid

    When the twin-powered non-Super Duke is mass produced…
    I’m hoping it will not gain too much weight in the process and that power will go up to near-100 hp. If it does, it could truly dominate the field.

  • Rafael Lira

    1- How does the new B800 compare to the old models in quality overall? I noticed the 2016 models have stepped up in quality (i.e. more premium looking brake lines, they created a little box to hide the hoses that run through the right side of the engine)
    2- Are the sprag clutch/starting issues solved once and for all with this new bike? My B800 in her 2nd sprag change.
    3- Noticed they moved the rear brake recipient close to rear brake lever (besided the right foot). Do they expect his to solve the rear brake fade issues that come a long way since the Brutale 4-cyl 990?
    4- How does the “brutal” overall experience compare with the old B800 being the new one heavier and with less power? Is it more a domesticated cat now?

  • Ayabe

    This is petty and stupid but I really wish they’d swap out the cluster for the new LCD from the Turismo Veloce for a little extra bling.

  • Ville Äyräs

    What is the actual weight of the bike, fully fueled and ready to ride ?

    And does the more powerfull RR model get any of these updates for 2016 ?