The European market has already had the Honda Crosstourer for some time, and now it will come to the American market as well, as the 2016 Honda VFR1200X.

The Crosstourer gets some updates for 2016, namely a Euro4 compliant engine, an adjustable windscreen, three levels of S-Mode for the dual-clutch transmission (DCT), and a software upgrade that detects uphill and downhill slopes and adjusts shifting accordingly.

For those who may not be familiar with the Honda Crosstourer, or the Honda VFR1200X as American Honda is calling it, the machine features the same 1,237cc V4 engine as the Honda VFR1200F, though it has been tuned to 127hp. It also has the optional DCT gearbox, which riders either love or hate.

Honda’s “don’t call it traction control” Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system is on-board as well, as are ABS brakes – both as standard features. Touring riders will enjoy the implementation of a shaft-drive final drive system.

The Honda VFR1200X has a 17″ rear wheel, with a 19″ front wheel, and is designed really for street use, with some light off-roading. That’s a good thing, since the European model tips the scales at 600 lbs, and we expect the same from the US model.

Pricing hasn’t been figured out yet for the American market, but you can buy the 2016 Honda VFR1200X in any color you want, as long as it’s pearl black. Expect to see this adventure-tourer in your local Honda dealer, starting May 2016. We would expect it to be priced aggressively.

Source: American Honda

  • MrDefo

    It’s an improvement in looks from the VFR1200F.

    I was prepared to scoff at DCT, but after having used it, I think it’s pretty fun. I will no longer look down on someone for using it.

  • Bruce Steever

    Just what the ADV segment in the US needed: the only bike that makes the Super Ten and Tiger 1200 seem lighter.

  • There’s something I’m not used to seeing on a motorcycle: a parking brake. I’d like to try the DCT, though…

  • Roasted Piglet

    Now where is the sport-touring version to replace the ancient ST1300?

  • Sloan Essman

    Too late. I’m already picking up a KTM Super Adventure next week. Sorry Honda. I don’t see semi-active suspension nor cruise control on yours anyway.

  • Chris Manke

    Has KTM fixed their crap air box design yet?

  • Sloan Essman

    I didn’t see anybody having issues on the SA like the numerous threads on the older bikes. But I know the RC390 had rain issues. People racing then in the MotoAmerica RC cup had to drill drain holes in the air intakes for a rain race when air filters starting getting waterlogged.

  • Chris Manke

    Thanks for the info Sloan.

    I thought the SA’s had the same design as the 1190s. I guess I was incorrect.

  • Keith

    where is the candy white version :-) also 17 front w/ street touring focus like MTS1200