Erik Buell Racing 1190AX Adventure-Tourer Due in 2016

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Erik Buell Racing’s release of new models has been slow and steady, despite the American company teasing the names of its first three consumer-level machines from day one. EBR gave the world an early look at the 2015 Erik Buell Racing 1190SX, the streetfighter version of the company’s EBR 1190RX superbike, and now we await the company’s third model.

It has long been rumored that the third model from Erik Buell Racing, the EBR 1190AX, would be an adventure-touring model, and Gary Pietruszewski, the Vice President of Global Sales at Erik Buell Racing, confirmed as much while talking to Autoevolution.

Like the 1190SX, we don’t expect EBR to re-tune the 1190AX’s engine from its original superbike application. This should mean big horsepower figures, which will put the EBR 1190AX right at the top of the Adventure-Sport sub-segment, power-wise.

How that engine, not reworked for slow-speed maneuvers will fare in a true ADV environment, remains to be seen however. Speaking of which, we should see the Erik Buell Racing 1190AX sometime in 2016, perhaps at next year’s AIMExpo, unless EBR surprises us again with another early model release, like it did with the 1190SX.

It will be interesting to see what electronics EBR packages with the 1190AX, seeing as the segment is dominated with high-tech gadgetry. We suspect EBR’s traction control system will be the extent of the electronics, leaving something more for the ADV purists, but time will tell.

Source: Autoevolution