A Yamaha FZ-09 Based Sport-Tourer – A TDM Cometh?

08/12/2014 @ 10:31 pm, by Jensen Beeler26 COMMENTS


Trademark applications with the European Union have revealed a new sport-tourer model from Yamaha, which uses the FZ-09 / MT-09 three-cylinder standard as its basis, and looks very similar to the old Yamaha TDM models.

The model seems to be very similar to what was envisioned by designer Oberdan Bezzi, which saw the MT-09 / FZ-09 platform turned into a pair of convincing adventure-touring motorcycles, with a TDM variant as well.

Yamaha has made no secret about its plans to develop more three-cylinder machines, as the Japanese company tries to breath life back into its sales figures and model lineup, post-economic meltdown. With this new sport-touring triple now out of the bag, could the writing be on the wall for loyal FZ1 owners?

Comparing the design to that of the FZ-09, it’s clear that Yamaha has retained much of the FZ-09’s chassis — Motorcycle.com has a great animated GIF illustrating the differences between the two machines.

The big changes come in the shape of the saddle, fuel tank, and handlebars. Obviously, a large windscreen and new headlights have also been fitted, and the rear subframe looks to be completely different as well.

Looking ready for production in the trademark photos, we can expect to see this new three-cylinder Yamaha at the upcoming trade shows this fall, likely either at INTERMOT or EICMA.







Source: OHIM & Motorcycle.com

  • Cody

    I like it a lot, save for the windscreen. Looks like a better passenger seat, one thing I’m looking for among others. No name according to the motorcycle.com article, seems to be a TDM variant though … any guesses on whether or not this might be the FJ-09? I can’t find the original OHIM source online.

  • Terry

    Looks interesting.
    115hp out of the mt09, correct? Im assuming they wont be detuning that.
    Will be interesting to see if they give it good brakes, suspension etc, and what size tank its gonna get, along with the final weight figure.

  • AHA

    Be interesting to see this in a head to head with MV’s Touring Veloce. I think KTM have a big gap in their model ranges for a very light, narrow & agile ‘tall-rounder’. Two or ideally three cylinder, 800 to 999cc with somewhere between 90 & 120bhp & torque to spare plus judicious electronic rider aids. I’d love to buy this type of bike, if it were available.

    Never been a fan of the Triumph Tiger and the S1000F is going to be in that overpowered top class. The Hyperstrada is a non-starter, IMHO.

  • Agent55

    A complete and total no-brainer. Yamaha ought to do as much as they can with the “09” platform (and it looks like they are), it’s the most interesting Japanese bike in years.

  • Matt Gustafson

    I certainly hope the fz1 doesn’t die. Are sales down? Yes. But that is mostly due to Yamaha not having done anything other than change the color and update the ecm every year. I sincerely hope that it lives and inherits the crossplane 4 from the r1. I have a 1st gen fz1 now and am ready to upgrade. I won’t consider the 9 simply because it doesn’t have the power that I’m used to.

  • Rick

    Good concept, but if it comes to being, hope t it looks more like the one here:

    Would hope the use the tail section from the FZ07, much cleaner, integrated-looking and improve the seat for longer distance riding.

  • Not much clearance in those renderings, heh :)

  • Ken C.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of supplementing my sport bike with a touring bike for longer trips. This might just do the trick.

  • Justaguy

    God yes. If I can sit dead upright on it (knees at 90 degrees with my 34″ inseam) and my back straight (38″ sleeve) I would trade in my Victory tomorrow. Well, the windshield looks like the sides were cut off, but the aftermarket will handle that.

    I’ve been looking for an upright, comfortable, long haul non-Euro, non-‘touring’, non-Adventure bike I can take on everything from freeways to mountain passes to National Park type dirt roads for the last couple of years due to my old and broken body and a desire not to deal with the Euro bikes (no offense to them, just not my thing). Slap some Dunlop D616’s on it and it’s the new Buell Ulysses. I’m in!

  • Terry

    @AHA – you could buy that bike tomoro if you want, but unfortunately it will have to be 2nd hand (unless there is some unsold new models lying around) as the geniuses at Ktm killed it last year, its called the 990 smt. 115hp, loads of torque, really light, super agile, top notch brakes, suspension etc, 1000cc.
    They need to resurrect it. I own one, went to great lengths to get the one I wanted (2013 black/orange frame model) and I’m very glad I did, as its a simply stonking bike. Its not perfect with faults such as awful fuel economy (you don’t buy bikes like this for fuel economy anyway!), a squeaky back brake (can be sorted with new pads), runs very hot with the fan kicking in constantly (a second or bigger fan is an option), and poor fueling/snatchy throttle in stock form (again sorted with engine remap and a few other inexpensive solutions).
    But its weight (or lack of), balance, power delivery and quality components make it one of the best all-round bikes on the road imho. Apart from abs, it does not have rider aids, but who needs that nonsense anyway, personally I prefer to ride the bike myself!
    As good as this Yamaha will be, in all likelihood it ain’t gonna have the brembo brakes, fully adjustable, top level suspension and lightweight aluminium wheels, is it?
    Ktm need to bring out a new smt, in keeping with the previous model they inexplicably killed.

  • Singletrack

    I know the Adventure Touring trend is big now, but why does it have to be tall and gangly? That gap between the rear wheel and seat pan looks dumb. As does the huge camel hump of a fuel tank/airbox. Is there no market for a low, sleek and elegant VFR type sport touring bike?

    Basically the FZ09 with a full (or 3/4 fairing) and better seat, brackets for tail trunk and saddlebags etc. etc. . Is that too much to ask for?

  • Deeds

    Looks ugly.

    With that said, I couldn’t be more excited for it. Been dreaming of a bike like this for some time now.

  • Starmag

    I’m sure it will be a great bike/value. Looks to have a sane UJM riding position. Wonderful motor. Hopefully Yamaha has worked out the fueling. It’s a real shame the styling is a big ecto-skeletal turn-off for me. More bug-ugly from the styling “masters” in Japan.

  • Eric

    Singletrack says:

    Is there no market for a low, sleek and elegant VFR type sport touring bike?

    Yes. It’s called the VFR. Honda jus reintroduced the 800. Sweet!

  • Gus


    Spot on!

  • paulus

    When I saw it I thought “Fazer/FZ1″… it has the family resemblance.
    Not bad at all… with a suspension upgrade it would be a great tool.

  • Justaguy

    Fazer……. to me that means my first bike back in 1988: the FZX700 Fazer (750 in Canada/Euro) sold in 86-87 here and many more years over there. Man that bike was fun.

    Here in the States the Fazer name moved on to snowmobiles.

  • Quiet American

    A few guys in Hinckley just pooped their willys.

  • para

    Why? They have been building a bike like this for years. Its called the Triumph Tiger 1050.
    This bike is as much dual sport as a Prius is a sports car.

  • Cam

    Love it.
    About time a good Japanese all rounder came along with a decent power plant and decent pillion seat.

    This will be high on my shopping list

  • AHA

    @Terry – yes I agree about the KTM SMT as I have one! Bought the very first model year back in 09. Apart from rider aids, it wants for little, I agree. ECU remapped to make fuelling a lot smoother at transition/low openings but that’s about it. Problem is I worry that KTM will either not replace it or bring out a 140bhp farkle fest at a crazy price to compete with the Multistrada (itself an example of a MkII that has rather too much of everything.)

    More power is just vanity (although I admit it unlocks wallets as well as increasing the price.) Rider skill, fine handling and great tyres are much more important IMHO. (In my case the latter especially.)

  • Terry

    @AHA – glad to hear you have one mate! Don’t ever sell it! Yep, the remap is needed from stock, but its easily and cheaply done and makes a bloody big difference doesn’t it?!
    I’ve always thought an extra 20hp wouldn’t go astray, but that’s being picky. Totally agree re. your worry over what Ktm might do to replace it. They used to be dead set against rider aids, then brought in abs, which I think is fine and I’ve no issues with, but then the rest started to filter in, and no even the 1290 Duke has a load of silly electronics which by all accounts do nothing for it.
    I shamefully must admit I was looking at a Multistrada as an option at one stage, but having wanted to ride one for ages, when I finally did, it just didn’t do it for me at all. A bit soulless I would say..
    Agree that skill, handling and tyres trump power and electronics when it comes to making a bike work for you. The smt hit that spot big time, I love mine and doubt I will ever sell it.

  • MikeD

    What was seen can’t be unseen. WHERE’S THE EYE BLEACH ? !

    This thing is right up there with the Ninja 1000 when it comes to ” who’s got the UGLIEST front end” in the industry RIGHT NOW.

    How come they haven’t bothered on slapping a cross plane engine on the FZ1 and giving the darn thing a complete aesthetics overhaul ?

  • TDMrider

    @ Terry – don’t dis the brakes. I’ve ridden the MT09 and the brakes are incredible, as stonking as the engine. They just need to get the suspension right and it’ll be a good one.

  • TDMrider

    ……………….and a tail tidy up

  • Terry

    @TDMrider – I hear ya, in fairness I’ve not ridden either of the mt’s yet so haven’t got first hand experience to comment, but I’d hazard a guess that altho they may well be good, they wont match the brembo’s on the smt.
    And is any stock bike made that doesn’t need a tail tidy up?! :)