When we saw that Yamaha had a sport-tourer based off the FZ-09, we had some worry for fans of the Yamaha FZ1. The venerable “Fazer” is certainly long in the tooth, and one doesn’t have to have an overly active imagination to see the FZ1 being replaced by an FZ-09 variant.

Applying for CARB certification this week though, Yamaha seems content to sell the four-cylinder Yamaha FZ1 within the borders of the Golden State in 2015, presumably along with the rest of the United States.

That fact seems to suggest two scenarios: 1) the FZ-09 based sport-tourer won’t be coming to the United States next year, or 2) Yamaha sees enough differentiation between the two machines that they can coexist in the same model lineup — whether that be a cylinder, a price point, or more off-roady TDM heritage.

If we had to guess though, we would say the triple isn’t coming to the US in 2015, but that’s just our speculation. We’ll know more after the INTERMOT and EICMA shows are done in a few months’ time. Stay tuned.

Source: CARB

  • MikeD

    Oh well . . . there’s always next year.
    And then there’s so much more to be excited about than this old girl.

  • Sixty7

    That bike needs a full make over to be able to compete with others in the same group…..my gen 1 fazer is still a better bike than the gen 2 could ever hope to be……

  • proudAmerican

    @ Sixty7–

    You’re definitely right about the Gen 1 being better than the Gen 2! I bought a 2006 FZ-1 (beautiful Shift Red color), hoping it’d be the best all-around bike ever. The bike was a total POS!

    The fuel injection: Absolutely atrocious! The worst fueling I’ve EVER experienced on a bike!

    Suspension: Bargain basement. The bike would abruptly stand-up when using front brakes while turning.

    Powerband: Weak! The bike had absolutely no pull until 7,000 rpm’s. I’ve had two CBR600RR’s—they had more pull in the midrange than my FZ-1 had.

    That 2006 FZ-1 is the bike that single-handedly turned me off of Yamaha forever!

  • agent55

    Prediction: As Yamaha rolls out the next R1, it’ll repurpose the existing model to a new FZ-1 within a year or two, an obvious move since the current R1 has a fantastic street power plant.

    Question: Why the hell would anyone buy this FZ-1 instead of the over-achieving, $8k FZ-09?!

  • Bob

    Agent55: Because the FZ-09 is a barely competent hedge-magnet? Don’t get me wrong, the FZ1 has plenty of issues, too, but the unconditional love for the FZ-09 is highly misplaced.

  • Gabriel Johannson

    Yamaha needs to “totally invest” in the FZN1 so it can compete against the BMWS1000R. The current FZN1 is totally historic. Very poor management from Yamaha for this street sport touring class machine. The FZ-09 & FZ-07 (I have the FZ-07 known as the MT-07 in Australia, has proven to be an outstanding bike. I can only imagine what a revamped FZN1 (with the new 2015 R1) engine retuned for the street can do. Imagine what providing some electronic staples like a quick shifter, mapping, downshifted, breaking control etc would do. Come on Yamaha stop being a bunch of tight arses and have ago.