Yamaha Motor USA has confirmed to Asphalt & Rubber that the Yamaha MT-07, the twin-cylinder cousin to the MT-09, will be coming to the United States after all, and like its three-cylinder counterpart, the budget-conscious naked bike will get a renaming, known henceforth as the Yamaha FZ-07.

Yamaha has a real trend going with its MT/FZ line, with its three similarly styled bikes (don’t forget about the Yamaha MT-125) bringing some serious bang-for-the-buck to new and seasoned riders alike. For the American market, the Yamaha FZ-07 comes with an MSRP of $6,990, and will be available in July of this year.

Tipping the scales 17 lbs lighter than the FZ-09 (397 lbs wet), the Yamaha FZ-07 is sans a cylinder, helping differentiate it further from its counterpart. Thus using a 689cc parallel-twin engine, the FZ-07 is good for a peppy 74hp and 50 lbs•ft of torque.

Well put-together machine upon our close inspection, affordably priced in its segment, and good for 58 mpg on its 3.7 gallon tank, the the FZ-07 seems to continue Yamaha’s trend to bring real value to its MT/FZ line.

Available in Pearl White, Liquid Graphite, and Rapid Red, we look forward to swinging a leg over the Yamaha FZ-07 later this month, and putting it through its paces.






















Source: Yamaha USA

  • It doesn’t really matter what name is, that’s just some marketing manager’s opinion. What it does matter, and everyone who has tested it will agree, is that this MT or FZ 07 will hit the market and beat the current naked bikes segment.

    Just two weeks ago I had the chance to ride it… among a ER6N, a Gladius and a Duke 390. The place was a typical austrian scenario: the shape of the Alps as background, a curvy, narrow and grippy road ahead, green valleys on the sides and almost no traffic. The 07 and 390 were the last bikes I rode; I never enjoyed that road that much before.

    On the Yamaha you feel like flat-tracking the asphalt. It’s not a common naked bike. Unlike the others, the 07 doesn’t feel so comfy, it pushes your body to the front end and demands a more aggressive riding style. The front wheel tries to get up every time you twist the gas determinedly. The sound of the 689cc engine revving up is gorgeous and will never let you down when power is needed. It’s got a traditional fork, yes, but believe me when I say you wouldn’t feel – its perfectly adjusted… as well as the breaks.

    It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    And the 390, the 390 is just another story. Enjoy both when they land in the US.


  • Thanks Carlos, unfortunately I think hell will have frozen over by the time the RC390 hits our shores…but that’s a totally different topic.

  • Maniloff

    Yet another new Yamaha street bike that doesn’t offer even optional ABS. I’ll pass.

  • Kaw4Life

    THANK GOD it does not come with ABS.

    Personally I HATE ABS.

    I am old, started riding 40 years ago. Never been down (on pavment). ABS was pushed on manufaturers. Bikes would be a lot cheeper if all the electronic crap was not mandated.

    I love this simple bike, I dont fit on it, but I love it.

    Where is the FZ12 built for 6’4″?

  • Brian

    Just another ubiquitous naked. I’m sure it’s nice, but it’s reminds a little of all the rest.

  • In Germany and other european countries, Yamaha offers the ABS version for 5.495,00 euros, around 7.500 $.

    And Brian, just ride it, maybe you’ll change your mind! nothing to do with the rest.

  • From what I’ve heard though I’m pretty excited about it, definitely looks like the best of the category. Hopefully they will bring it over with ABS, I really like the look of this bike, but I can’t see myself getting a bike without it. For more on my reasons for wanting ABS:

  • Kevin White

    “typical austrian scenario: the shape of the Alps as background, a curvy, narrow and grippy road ahead, green valleys on the sides and almost no traffic”

    Oooh I hate you Carlos. :o)

  • Kerry Suche

    Not just another naked middlweight! I spent the day riding the FZ-07 and this bike is very well sorted. Great chassis and brakes, terrific engine with much more performance than I expected from a parallel twin. Light, quick and has peg scraping tendencies. Great balance and I found it a better ie. more fun, to ride than the FZ-09. Ride it! If you get the chance to demo one of these, do yourself a favour and throw a leg over it. You will come away very impressed! And I haven’t even mentioned price. Great value!

  • Agent55

    Looks like another exceptional new model from Yamaha, but I must say that for a mere $1k more the FZ-09 seems like a no-brainer by comparison.

  • John D’Orazio

    Agreed that the price spread is not as great as I might have hoped. However, I’ll be picking one up for my kid. He has been riding MX since 5, but I’ll bet that the price of insurance for the 7 will be a whole lot less that for the 9. Also, in spite of his success, I don’t want to turn him loose with too much bike. Anyway, he won’t get top touch it until I have thoroughly tested it ;-).

  • Sentinel

    The bad news is that owners in the EU are complaining of a very serious and potentially life threatening issue of the engine randomly stalling on them out on the road. Until Yamaha positively addresses and corrects this issue I’d stay away from this one.

  • Gritboy

    Nice. Assuming they fix the EU gremlins and the price is right this is a winner. Hopefully people grok to it.