2015 Saroléa SP7 Electric Superbike Debuts

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Belgian outfit Saroléa is back for the 2015 Isle of Man TT, after debuting the 2015 version of its SP7 electric superbike this past weekend. If you’re saying to yourself that the 2015 model looks very similar to the 2014 model, you are in fact correct, though the bikes are not actually identical.

The 2015 Saroléa SP7 has improved aerodynamics (namely a slimmer body), a revised center of gravity (for better handling), a reduction in weight (more carbon fiber and titanium parts), and proprietary fiber optic network that connect the vehicle control unit to the battery management system.

All of those changes are good for a 22 lbs overall reduction, but the biggest change though for 2015 is the new motor, which was built in-house and is rated at 150hp (down 25hp from last year’s machine).

The Belgians haven’t released how much battery capacity is onboard the SP7, though with a weight of 420 lbs, it would be hard to imagine a massive amount of energy being stored on the race bike.

That may limit the team’s ability to get all 150 horses down to the tires, but the 2015 Saroléa SP7 should at least handle better in the turns that the 550 lbs Mugen Shinden Yon.

Scottish rider Robert Wilson will return to the saddle for Saroléa, undoubtedly looking to improve on his fourth place finish from last year, where he missed the podium by 0.3 seconds.





Technical Specifications of the 2015 Saroléa SP7 Electric Superbike:

  • Total Weight (kg) – 190
  • Acceleration 0-100 kph (0-60 mph) – 2.8 sec
  • Maximum Speed (kph [mph]) – 270 [168]
  • Front Tire – Bridgestone Racing Battlax V02 120/600R17
  • Rear Tire – Bridgestone Racing Battlax V02 200/655R17
  • Front Brakes–  Beringer 320mm Aeronal discs with Aerotec  Radial Calipers
  • Rear Brakes – Beringer Aerotec 2D1 caliper
  • Maximum Output (KW [hp]) – 110 [150] (Isle of Man configuration)
  • Maximum Torque (Nm) – 900
  • Battery Output Voltage (V) – 370 or more

Source: Saroléa