It’s finally here. After much speculation and teasing, the 2015 MV Agusta F4 RC superbike is finally officially official, with official pictures and official specs to boot.

Confirming much of what we already knew, MV Agusta’s spec sheet has the F4 RC making 212 hp with the race exhaust, or 202.5 hp in street trim, while peak torque is 84.8 lbs•ft in either configuration.

Thanks to carbon fiber fairings, titanium connecting bolts and exhaust, lithium-ion battery, forged aluminum wheels, and magnesium casings, the MV Agusta F4 RC is 33 lbs lighter than the RR model, with a 386 lbs dry weight.

As expected, the 2015 MV Agusta F4 RC is equipped with the MVICS 2.0 electronics system, which includes traction control, ABS, rear-wheel lift control, and quick-shifter.

With the Aprilia RSV4 RR now making 201hp in stock trim, the new BMW S1000RR good for a claimed 199hp, and the Ducati 1299 Panigale R some how rounding 150.8kW into 205hp (it’s actually 202hp), this makes the MV Agusta F4 RC the most powerful superbike on the market.

The new F4 RC is still a bit of heifer though, especially when compared to its compatriots. This is due mostly to the stock F4 RR being a bit “big-boned” to start with. Now that the F4 platform is a bit long in the tooth, you can bet Varese already has plans for a new World Superbike weapon.

Still, the RC (short for Reparto Corse) has plenty to offer in the way of technical goodies, for the discerning owner that can spring for the $46,000 price tag of course. It should be noted that only 250 units will be made.

Changes over the RR include a new cylinder heard, new crankshaft, new camshaft, bigger fuel injectors, lighter pistons, and titanium connecting rods. Brakes are Brembo, with the Bosch 9+ ABS kit mated to them. Suspension is Öhlins, with TIN coated NIX 30-type forks up front, and a TTX36 shock in the rear.

Each owner gets a race kit box, which includes the 4-2-1-2 titanium Termignoni exhaust, seat cowl, ECU upgrade, mirror block-off plates, and race-style fuel cap. Of course, the big allure is the race-rep paint job, where the number “37” represents the number of World Championships that MV Agusta has won.



























Source: MV Agusta

  • Petzi_baer

    Tasty – but you guys need a better picture viewer….

  • We know.

  • WLF

    Jensen, about that Panigale power figure: I’m sure Ducati plays the confusion game between hp (horsepower, imperial) and PS (Pferdestärke, metric) – just like most of continental Europe’s manufacturers do. There’s a slight difference between the two and indeed 150.8kW equals to ~205PS.

  • Superlight

    Tone down the graphics package, please.

  • Rob

    painfully pretty

  • Ducati does indeed play the game. Just to be clear, the Panigale is 150.8kW as you stated, and the F4 RC is 151kW. Who knows if that latter figure is rounded up or not.

  • Adrian

    Oh no, not the horrid parasitic LED’s! Stay away from MV Agusta’s face, please.

  • Petzi_baer

    at least it is mutual

  • Kenny

    I’d take the stock exhaust over those termi’s, just so pretty.

  • shamarone

    impressive… (Saber severs #4 plug wire) most impressive… (Vader voice)

  • Martino

    wow, I have just looked at Miss World and I am sure she smiled back at me. In my opinion that has to be the prettiest thing on two wheels. Congratulations to all at MV.