KTM is the first major motorcycle manufacturer to release an electric motorcycle, and it’s been a long road coming for the Austrian company.

KTM first debuted the Freeride E at the EICMA show three years ago, and since then has been perfecting its design. Now ready for primetime, KTM’s electric dirt bikes broke cover a few weeks ago.

Today, the KTM Freeride E-SM debuted at INTERMOT, giving the Austrian brand three distinct electric offerings within its core competency.

At the core of the Freeride E-SM is  a liquid-cooled PMAC electric motor, which puts out 21.5hp and 31 lbs•ft of torque, as well as a swappable 2.6 kWh lithium-Ion battery pack.

The swappable pack is the killer app part of KTM’s design, as having an extra battery charging while you’re riding on a track pretty much guarantees a day of constant riding sessions (it fully charges in 80 minutes, and charges to 80% in 50 minutes, when hooked up to the KTM quick charging system).

It seems unlikely that KTM USA will bring the Freeride E-SM over anytime soon though, which should give electric motorcycle startups like BRD Motorcycles a little breathing room in bringing their electric supermotos to market.

To our eye though, the KTM Freeride E-SM looks like a stout package. The Austrian company has come a long way with its electric program in a few years’ time, and it is only going to improve its design going forward. Expect to see proper electric 250cc & 450cc four-stroke replacements in the coming future.






Source: KTM

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  • ervgopwr

    Come on KTM, send that SM over with lights/plates/etc and my commute just became awesome…

  • Brandon

    They won’t… KTM is a cool company, they make nice bikes but, they don’t care about North America for unknown reasons.

  • Gutterslob

    Re: “it fully charges in 80 minutes, and charges to 80% in 50 minutes”
    Eat that, Tim Cook!!

    Joking aside, I really like this. If I was a rich git and lived in an area that suited this kinda bike, I’d buy it.

  • I’d love to see this come to the States.

    Having owned three KTMs over the years, I really appreciate how easy it’s been to buy parts, find hop-ups, and importantly, receive lots of advice online from other KTM owners — despite having pretty much zero support from my not-very-local and not-very-helpful KTM dealer.

  • Steve

    Where do I sign!

    More seriously, how much will they be going for?

  • BBQdog

    Did ride it today. Very light fun bike, it is much smaller then it seems.
    I am 5ft 6 and could easily get both feet on the ground. But only
    useful on very twisty roads. 90 kmh max is seems. Top suspension.