BMW S1000RR Gets Updated for 2015

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Despite being five years old, the BMW S1000RR remains one of the best sport bikes you can buy on the market. This is do largely to BMW bringing a bevy of European top-tier features to the superbike, but pricing it inline with its Japanese counterparts, thus creating tremendous bang for the buck for sport bike enthusiasts.

For the 2013 model year, the Bavarians raised their game with its more exclusive BMW HP4 offering, which brought semi-active suspension into liter-bike mix. Now with the Bosch MSC cornering ABS module, BMW continues to raise the game in what was once a segment that lived solely in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now for 2015, it seems that BMW is set to update the S1000RR, as a revised version of the bike has been spotted in Germany, sporting noticeably different bodywork and other features.

Seeing its side fairings and tail section subtly revised from the previous iteration, what are perhaps the most interesting takeaways from the above photo are the electrical leads going to the front forks — a sure sign of BMW’s DDC package (semi-active suspension) being on board.

Also, hidden behind the frisbee-sized European license plate is a revised exhaust canister, which has two outlets, making a single-muffler shotgun-exhaust setup. A quick-shifter is also visible, and if the styling of the BMW S1000XR is to be believed, a revised headlight setup could also be expected up front.

A quick cruise through the CARB emission filings sees no new models from BMW, which hints that what’s in the engine casings has remained the same for 2015. We expect pricing to continue to be very favorable against both the European and Japanese brands, and for BMW also to create tiers for the features, in its usual package schema.

That being said, stay tuned for our coverage of the INTERMOT and EICMA shows, when all will be revealed.

Photo: © 2014 BMH-Images — All Rights Reserved