Facelift Coming for the 2015 BMW S1000RR

08/25/2014 @ 11:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS


As we already reported, the BMW S1000RR is set to get some updates for the 2015 model year…we even have a spy photo to prove it. We didn’t get too good of a look at the front of the new S1000RR earlier though, but thankfully our Dutch friends at Oliepeil have found a rendering of the 2015 BMW S1000RR.

Fans hoping that the BMW S1000RR would lose its winking face, will be disappointed, though the effect has certainly become less pronounced in the newest iteration. Since the render matches the bodywork we saw in our spy photos, which see different subtly venting outlet shapes being used, we can be extremely confident is the final design.

So far no new emission paperwork has popped up for the 2015 BMW S1000RR, likely an indication that no engine changes have occurred for this refresh. Similarly, the chassis and engine appear to be unchanged in our photo and this render, meaning that it’s just a facelift that is coming for Germany’s superbike.

Expect to see the new BMW S1000RR drop at the INTERMOT trade show, during the first week of October. Asphalt & Rubber will be reporting from INTERMOT, as well as the EICMA show in November. Stay tuned here on A&R for all the latest bike releases and sneak peaks.

Source: Oliepeil

  • Tom

    Wow! bleh. So, the dominate design theme of so many sport bikes now is to go insect face. What is wrong with svelte and beautiful? Can’t pretty still be aerodynamic?

  • JS

    “Facelift Coming for the 2015 BMW S1000RR” and clearly not the good kind. More like the atrocious Hollywood facelift the aging and fading “stars” get when desperate to get work and remain in the public eye.

  • Kenny

    Looks like it has a pirates eye-patch! Will reserve judgement until I get an opportunity to try out the only view point that matters on a superbike like this. The riders one.

  • Ian john

    I wanna call bullshit.
    The usual interweb pre launch Photoshop / randition romour mill forum filler.
    Disappointed if this is it…..

  • Ben

    If only a 916 went as well! That’d solve the problem of looks!

  • Brandon

    That gray image isn’t the new s1000rr it is the original 09-11 model.

  • Renn

    Looks like a lot is going on in that rendering. Shame the bike seems to have borrowed a lot from the Zx10R.

    In my opinion the following bikes still look better.


    Also BMW have kept the box section seat subframe which looks terrible.

  • H.L.

    Looks like my Ninja from the front. Quite original.

  • Sly

    What Brandon said … that’s the original 09-11 model (or practically 98% identical)

    Also … it’s the other way round, Zx10R borrowed its looks from the S1000RR seeing as this is a 2009 “look”, unlike the 2011 Zx10R.

    Shame they can’t make modern bikes look more like the DR moto in the other thread …

  • Matthew

    The comments on this webpage: “bitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitch”. Geeze. You’d think Casey Stoner was the president of the comments section here.

  • sideswipe

    Looks like if you put that in a wind tunnel it would whistle hellaciously with all those edges and crenelations. Whether that’s on old concept render or one to be it baffles me. Who’s doing the design and have they even taking a passing interest in aerodynamics? It looks more like the Transformers toy designer got a new job. I mean it looks cool no doubt in a video game sort of way but what’s that got to do with performance motorcycles? I just don’t understand why there isn’t a more direct relation between GP bikes and production bikes in aerodynamics and styling. Those are gorgeous and purposeful as well as proven solutions to making a bike slippery and protecting riders from air at high speed.

  • John D’Orazio

    Looks real busy to me. Too bad.

  • Alclab

    Brandon may be right… It looks way too much like 09, and does not correlate with the aforementioned spy photo (which is indeed a new model). No doubt they’re working on a new one and will present it this year, but I doubt it’s like this image.

    Also I don’t think that even if they change the bike dramatically, BMW will not get rid of the “winking face”, asymmetry has been a “theme” for BMW Motorrad for a while now, and I think they will keep it and evolve it.

  • george0

    They will change everything but the assymetrical headlight layout. still nice bike though. Wonder what the new r1 is going to look like.

    And come on, the panigale is just ugly, if not the ugliest superbike in the moment. That pointy nose just does not fit well into the looks. People only like it for beeing a ducati. Emperiors new clothes syndrome…

  • kww

    what sort of douchery is this? May the ghost of Tamburini put a pox on your tribe BMW!

  • MotorcyclesDreams

    Watch more S1000RR design… http://squir.com/product.php?id_product=345

  • Gus

    How to draw a BMW motorcycle:

    Step 1, start with the ugliest headlights you can find…

  • Renn

    Whatever this is the ZX10R is still kicking its ass in the looks and results department in WSB.

    I would have bought the ZX10R if hadn’t been for the diminutive size compared to my 13′ Blade, which is more comfortable for humans.

    BMW do so many things right and should be applauded however the S100RR lights and the S1000 roadster have terrible lights.

  • MotorcyclesDreams
  • JS

    All been had by the looks of it including Asphalt and Rubber. Visordown also had this article and rendering but that has now been pulled, same goes for MCN. Take a look at MotorcyclesDreams link and it clearly shows a single exhaust outlet and not the twin outlet the 2015 model is reported to have.

    So there is hope yet BMW will make a good looking S1000RR.

  • sburns2421

    It looks like the ugly girl winking at you from across the dance floor just got some botox and filler. Meh.

  • Lolcat

    LOL brilliance from Oliepeil to post a 2011 render ….

  • Cody

    Nice catch Brandon, Sly, Alclab, and MotorcyclesDreams.

  • Dale

    I guess if all you do is the Starbucks run all you will care about are the aesthetics.

    If you race or do trackdays you know this is a beautiful and lovely bike.