Say Hello to the 2014 KTM Super Duke 1290 R

09/26/2013 @ 1:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


With four days still on the countdown clock, we didn’t expect to see the 2014 KTM Super Duke 1290 R until its October debut, but those crafty Frenchies at Moto-Station have gotten their hands on a couple photos of Austria’s new street hooligan machine.

Giving us a glimpse into “The Beast’s” final lines, we see that the new KTM Super Duke 1290 R retains the headlight shape from the prototype concept (better seen on the Patriot Edition concept), though sadly does not incorporate Kiska’s underslung GP-style system, opting instead for the standard single-can setup that was seen in the various spy photos that we have shown.

Overall, it would seem that KTM has chosen to pick a design path that keeps the Super Duke 1290 closer in style to its 690cc single-cylindered cousin, the KTM 690 Duke. At nearly twice the displacement, the KTM Super Duke 1290 R has also twice the cylinders, borrowing its v-twin powerplant from the KTM RC8 R superbike.

KTM has maintained its position that the Super Duke 1290 R’s peak horsepower figure was “enough” but we expect that detuned “ready to race” engine to put down figures north of 160hp.

We would expect traction control and ABS to come as standard on the Super Duke 1290 R, though we cannot see the wheel-speed pick-ups for those electronic systems from these photos. It will of course be interesting to see if KTM includes the new Bosch MSC stability control system with the new Super Duke as well.

Just four more days dear readers until we will know everything. Patience remains a virtue.


Source: Moto-Station

  • This is a stupendous offering from the stables of KTM. It ought to have factory fitted ABS & Traction control. That would be helpful to riders cutting across experiences.

    Now, i am just waiting for my DUKE 390.

  • Terry

    I love the exhaust on that I have to say.
    Any news of other new arrivals from ktm?
    And what about existing models? Rumour is the 990 smt will be no more, which is dreadful news if true.
    Looking to get one myself soon, absolutely love them, its an amazing bike. Will have to be 2nd hand if that rumour is true. No bad thing, but cat see why this model would be killed off. Crazy in my opinion.

  • Curtis d’Auteuil

    Finally! A worthy successor to my ’07 Ducati Monster S4RS.

  • Jake F.

    Dead sexy.

  • Wow this is very amazing!
    How much is this?
    Or it’s just in my dream?

  • paulus – Thailand

    this should be raw… no rider aids!
    KTM, dont sell out with the Duke range…

  • Paul McM

    I love this KTM for the power, handling, the machinery that is its soul. But what’s with all the pointy plastic bits. I have this vision that one morning the CEO of KTM wakes up and says: “A motorcycle does not have to look like a bad Origami experiment or a praying mantis”. If KTM could combine their kick-ass engineering with a stylist that doesn’t worship an insectizoid God, we would have a bike for the ages.

  • MikeD

    I for one LOVE all the crazy sharp angles and shapes of the VERY KTMish Origami look, the same goes for their affinity for Orange.

    The stock pipe looks like poop but i think it’ll be a blessing on the long run for those of us who want to swap it out for something else lighter & less bulky, i bet is cheaper and easier to replace with an aftermarket piece than the under-slung model of the 1190 RC8R.

    I must say, there’s something about the front end i don’t like and can’t quiet put my finger on it:

    Too big of a headlite ? Too big of a mud guard ?

    If there’s a KTM that could truly benefit of their fancy MCS system is this BEASTY.
    I hope the engine didn’t get all WATERED DOWN from the rumored 180hp the mill of The Beast was pumping out.

  • Though this pic floated around as long as a week back:

    Nonetheless, I love it <3

  • dagoof

    Said by MikeD “I must say, there’s something about the front end i don’t like and can’t quiet put my finger on it:

    Too big of a headlite ? Too big of a mud guard ?”

    I agree, something is off there. I think it’s the instrument cluster. I’m not thrilled with it just hanging in the breeze like that. Otherwise, I love it. I’m a big fan of the 690 and this seems like more of everything!

  • DFR

    KTM had a chance to “design” a worthy successor (I sold my KTM SuperDuke and moved over to a Ducati SF, Absolutely “no regrets”).
    I’m certain an already very good bike is NOW (KTM) even better, but the design will leave me and many colder than ever. You guys had a chance.
    Let’s see what happens on the numbers. I won’t hold by breath!

  • Jared

    Honestly I’m a little let down, but will stay optimistic as possible until next week! I am NOT thrilled about the instrument cluster either as some others have pointed out. I also REALLY hope it comes in some more attractive color combinations because that is hideous, haha.

    Retaining judgement till next week tho!

  • roslli

    I love the look of it..i don’t mind those plastics, I cannot imagine all-metal cladding….different people different liking…so if you don’t like it don’t bother buying one.