Officially Official: 2014 KTM RC390

11/05/2013 @ 6:37 am, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS


Even though the 2014 KTM RC390 leaked ahead of its EICMA debut, the KTM stand at the Fieramilano was packed full of attendees who were eager to get a glimpse of the single-cylinder sport bike from Austria.

The logical progression from the KTM 390 Duke, the RC390 shares many of its brethren’s features and specifications, though has a uniqueness all of its own.

Making 43hp from its 373cc thumper, the KTM RC390 is a tiny but stout machine, especially when you consider its 324 lbs wet weight (sans fuel in its 2.64 gallon tank).

Fitted with ABS brakes, braking is done at the front via a radially mounted caliper and 300mm single-brake disc, while a 230mm disc is fitted to the rear.

One of the points of conversation ahead of the RC390’s debut was its single-piece trellis frame, which KTM says is much stiffer than the one found on the Duke, and features a more aggressive chassis geometry with a steeper steering head, lesser trail, and shorter wheelbase.

Suspension is by WP, and the brakes were made in cooperation with Brembo, and sport the brand’s generic marque Bybre. Not an often talked about point, but the 2014 KTM RC390 also features the racer friendly 110/70ZR17 & 150/60ZR17 tire sizes, which continues KTM’s “ready to race” philosophy.

KTM says that the 2014 KTM RC390 will be available in the summer next year, with pricing set to be under €6,000. No word yet on availability in America, though somehow we doubt that we will see the machine in 2014.







Source: KTM

  • V2

    Closest thing to a Ducati Supermono we ever had…

  • motoputs

    my new tack bike! Now I just need to find some one in Europe to ship me one next summer.

  • Mike

    That is mostly beautiful! The headlights themselves are a little bit of a love it or hate it deal, like a gorgeous girl with a roman nose. I suspect it would rattle the fillings out of my teeth on the way to the canyons, but it should be great fun when it’s there.

  • Simply wow! Thank you KTM for this gorgeous & delicious piece of motorcycling nirvana.

    I am getting myself a RC 390.

    May have to wait till 2014 Sep though.

  • Simply wow! Thank you KTM for this gorgeous & delicious piece of motorcycling nirvana.

    I am getting myself a RC 390. Will complement the DUKE 200.

    May have to wait till 2014 Sep though.

  • BBQdog

    Still think they messed up the front. Modification kits are going to sell well.

  • BBQdog

    @Mike: I suspect it would rattle the fillings out of my teeth.

    No, it doesn’t. I own a Duke 390 and in the left handlebar I can’t even feel the engine
    running and in the right some minor vibration. A Suzuki 2011 GSX-R 600 generates
    more vibrations through the handlebars. I have owned many many singles, and this
    is the first single I can ride for hours without ever getting my fingers feeling death.

  • Mike

    @ BBQdog says: No, it doesn’t….

    Really? Well that’s a blessing. The old 690 Duke was terrible, and I just assumed they didn’t add much anti-vibe weight to the crank webs on the 390 to get maximum output.

  • Scott

    This bike is prominently displayed on the KTM USA site. Good sign it will come to the US.

  • mxs

    I believe it when I hear them say it.

    Because it looks like they splash the worldwide flash banner on every country’s site … There’s no chance that NA will see 125 or 200 … which is in the same banner ….

  • Scott

    Drop KTM a line and beg for the 390 here in the states-

  • RD350

    Yes Yes Yes

  • KTM, please release one of your infamous hooligan riding videos featuring this bike. Gratuitous wheelies, please.

    Me want.

  • L2C

    There’s something about that bike that says “Star Wars”. Anyway, I love it!

  • justin

    So glad to see smaller displacement bike with decent suspension.
    I really think this sector will grow.
    Honda, Yamaha, Kawa, Suzuki need to get with it.
    Kawasaki has a good bike in the 300. Just loose a little weight (alloy frame? ) &
    give it proper suspension would be abig step

  • BBQdog

    @Mike: even the new Duke 690 has some vibrations but it is all very civilized.

  • Sam Adams

    It’s soooo pretty. Please make a 690.

  • 2ndclass

    Middle of 2014? Good.

  • 2ndclass

    (…….gives me time to save up)

  • Krste

    It is very pretty! Until you get to the headlights.

  • Jazz

    would like to see RC390 vs other supersport 400cc bikes

  • Gary


  • Jg

    Local USA dealer said we won’t get rc390 til 2015!!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan

    @Jg They just removed the RC390 from the US site so that sounds about right. I have been waiting for this bike for two years now but I will definitely be buying something else now. Pretty lame on KTM’s part.