2014 Honda Valkyrie

As our Bothan spies had predicted, Honda has unveiled a new power cruiser for the upcoming model year, the 2014 Honda Valkyrie. Thankfully dropping its F6C designation for the more iconic “Valkyrie” name, Honda’s new machine is based around the 1,832cc flat-six engine of the Honda Gold Wing, and aims to be a stripped-down cruiser alternative to Honda Gold Wing F6B bagger.

A model that first debuted in 1996, this new Valkyrie features an aluminum twin-spar frame, a low-seat height, and will tip the scales at the curb with 750 lbs. An anti-locking braking system (ABS) will be optional for the US market, though pricing is yet to be determined by American Honda. We think the cruiser market will like the new Valkyrie, how about you?

Since we have already covered this machine’s features and characteristics in our post two weeks ago, we’ll just leave you with the 2014 Honda Valkyrie’s big takeaways:

  • Powerful, fuel-injected 1832cc engine features a parallel two-valve cylinder head with direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation for extraordinary power and performance along with a smooth, sophisticated engine feel plus rugged dependability.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) incorporates two 40mm throttle bodies and six high-pressure programmed fuel injectors for excellent metering under varying conditions.
  • Low seat height of 28.8 inches, curb weight of 750 pounds and low center of gravity all combine to help give the Valkyrie impressive handling and brilliant all-around performance.
  • Spacious and accommodating two-piece seat with removable passenger seat.
  • Stylish tail section incorporates aluminum passenger grabrails which are removable for a streamlined look.
  • LED headlight, taillight and turn signals contribute to a distinctive appearance.
  • Fat 1-inch handlebar lends a custom look.
  • Multi-function digital LCD instrumentation.
  • 15 Honda Genuine Accessories will be available for the Valkyrie.
  • Optional ABS model contributes to consistent braking action under a wide variety of road conditions.
  • Transferable three-year limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie

Source: Honda

  • jackie

    a little weird, but I kind of like it. I might prefer their bagger thingy a little more, unless this is priced not to compete with it.

  • Norm G.

    Q “Your Valhalla of Power Cruisers?”

    A: not so much.

  • kww

    The Kohler toilet of motorcycles….swoopy shapes that don’t mean anything.

  • Jobie

    looks like some one “borrowed” a Suzuki B-King headlight…. just sayin’

  • RAY

    @All–LOL!!! What a joke. That’s all we need — another “foot-roaster”. Why don’t they leave off all the garbage and install their new V-4 in it?!? In a slightly larger size, that is– say 112 cu. in?

  • Jobie

    Have to give Honda some kudos though, they are trying…. Maybe not entirely new products, but at least switching stuff up.

  • Paul McM

    So much raucous Hot Rod wonderfulness in the Evo6: http://p2m.mbike.com/000/003/641/65323057_d.jpg

    So much ‘meh’ in this Valkyrie…

    Honda… just give us the Evo6 as close to the show bike as you can make it!


    Beautifully curved exhaust headers (with triple tips) on Evo6: http://thekneeslider.com/images/evo6tokyo3.jpg

  • ksw


    Enough already. Yes this is a great motor but have you heard of such a thing as a 6th gear? I love this torquey beast, have owned both the GL1800 and Rune but unless you add a 6th gear so cruising can be relaxing you won’t get any mo’ of my $$. Stop beating this thing to death and add the dual clutch, a 6th or even 7th gear and a bloody cruise control. Cruise would probably require you to get rid of the vacuum system you use on the ‘Wing in order to fit it in the plastic, as you know. It’s nice that you dump hundreds of millions into MotoGP but the fact is the cruiser market makes you the money to pay for that so give back to those that matter, the riders buying the bikes and focus on updated electronics. Oversized rocker switches/buttons are last century as is that 5 speed tranny in this motor. Do we really have to wait for the over faithful elderly (primary buyers of this motor configuration) to pass before you make real changes?

  • MikeD


    This ABORTION of a motorcycle with the front end of a SILLY bagger and the rear 2/3 of that HIDEOUS FUGLY CTX Line.

    That front fender looks unnecesarely big for this application. Like they stole the damn thing from a RoadKing or C50 Boulevard.

    Honestly i thought they were going to go for the hot rod look, small front tire, SMALL hugging fender a la VMAX 1700.

    WHat a friggin dissapointment !!! Hey Honda, take this Turd and shove where the Sun don’t shine !!!

    This thing makes the cartoonish/farm equipmenT Rocket 3 look like a supermodel.

  • MikeD

    1000:1 I Would take the F6B over this Turd and i don’t even like the F6B.

  • Kevin U

    as the owner of a valkyre i think Handa have totaly missed the mark, this is not a valkyre its a wing that has no clothes on, a valkyre is big bars , big seat , big tank big …. and chrome chrome chrome the RUN is closer , this is a bagger that has no screen on it Honda have taken cheap easy way, i think lol

  • Roganblomp

    Honda rules!! Im buying this beast if it comes to Australia. No motor can beat a flat six with its perfect balance and low COG. Advantage over other Wings is the bars can be easily customised, plus the weight reduction. I only see positives in this Honda masterpiece.

  • Brian

    I really wanted to like this when it was first announced but…. Blue???

    Man this thing is ugly.

  • paulus

    Looks like a B-King rear-mounting and assymilating an unsuspecting BMW tourer!
    No thank you.

  • Wes

    Get rid of the plastic and dress the engine up ( cool valve covers etc ) – expose the exhaust headers too. – I love my Valkyrie but not to sure about this. I’ll cast judgement after the test ride.

  • conchop

    Traded my wing for a Vic – I don’t think I want another wing anything – especially this thing – perhaps it would be better in person BUT this design is a bit long in the tooth …

  • Cory

    I liked the “leaked” concept you posted a lot better. That version had a blend of classic and modern styling. A real challenge to the Diavel. This, not so much.

  • Dean

    This looks like a big standard, not a cruiser. I have a street bob, that’s a cruiser. Five speed should be enough, this isn’t a Honda Fit trying to move a 2800 lb. car with 125 hp. This is a m/c weighing 750 lb. with a small foot print and 130+ hp. Look at how his legs are tucked in out of the wind. A smaller 14 inch fairing and some hand guards and you can go cross country.

  • J-

    I want a bagger version. The rear end looks odd. If I could get the F6B rear end with the hard bags on this, I’ll take one in blue.