As expected, Ducati has unveiled an updated version of the Diavel power cruiser today at the Geneva Motor Show, during Volkswagen’s presentation. Expected to hit dealerships from April onwards, the 2015 Ducati Diavel features a Testastretta 11° DS engine, a new exhaust system, and a new full-LED headlight.

With the additional of the “Dual Spark” engine, top power remains the same as before, at 162hp, while mid-range power has been improved upon. Tipping the scales at 452 lbs dry, 11 lbs lighter than before, the updated Diavel is pretty much the same everywhere else though.

Coming in three trimmings, the new Diavel is available in a “Dark Stealth” livery, with a black trellis frame and black wheels.

Meanwhile, the Diavel Carbon comes again in “Ducati Red” over matte carbon, with a red frame. Or, the Carbon model can come with “Star White” paint over matte carbon, with a white frame. Both Diavel Carbon models come with black forged aluminum wheels by Marchesini.

Pricing in the US sees the Diavel Dark at $17,995, while the two Diavel Carbon models are priced at $20,995 MSRP — so, a $1,000 increase over the previous generation. For kicks, we’ve got 47 high-resolution photos of the new Diavel in our mega gallery.



Source: Ducati

  • Jonathan

    DucatiUSA lists the carbon edition at 527lbs wet. Where did the “452 lbs wet” come from?

  • peter hui

    Hmm..headlight does not impress me much even though its led..like the old one better , looks like they changed the handlebar joints..i wonder what kind of wind shields they come up with.

    i still think termi’s will look much better. hopefully these exhausts sound better ..

  • Jonathan, that should read “dry” though it seems Ducati hasn’t updated its websites since some of the info conflicts with what’s in the press release.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you.

  • Sixty7

    So what’s changed…?????

  • L2C

    The man in the suit. Now they should have just went ahead and hired Jim Caviezel for that promotional, instead of some poser.

  • L2C

    Er, “poseur”.

  • Andrey

    Not sure if Ducati is still doing this but my StreetFighter dry weight was quoted without any fluids at all and NO battery if I remember correctly.

  • Westward

    I like the white trellis frame, wish they had that for the Monster, or hope they have it for the Monster 899, if and when they ever get around to it…

  • ADG

    My whole family combined weighs than 452lbs.

    What an ugly pig.

  • Gutterslob

    Kinda looks like Cher

  • Norm G.

    ya know, cruiser really doesn’t describe this bike. it really defies classification. it’s more like one of those wonky “crossover” vehicles (part saloon/part mini-van/part estate/part SUV) they have in car world. no slate, that stuff sells. think the old Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota’s Venza, Ford’s Edge, Honda’s Crosstour, etc.

    now this is just crazy talk, but Ducati may wanna consider a name change for US market, call it the…

    Ducati “Recumbent”.

  • Will

    I like the look of the Diavel, but I don’t get the concept. Someone explain to me why I should buy a Diavel instead of a Monster?

  • Jimbo

    Midlife crisis bike got a new LED headlight. Wow Ducati is on a roll.

  • roadrocket

    I just rode the 2013 for a few days and let me tell ya its one good fun bike.Ihave a boing and a hayabusa for kick and i would sell any of them for one of these.