Ninja’d: BMW S1000R Streetfighter Caught on Camera

11/04/2013 @ 12:42 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Our friends at have some serious “lef” going on, because through some “enhanced journalism” those crazy Dutch moto-enthusiasts have managed to grab a couple photos of the BMW S1000R as it waits in the BMW Motorrad exhibit, ahead of its official EICMA debut tomorrow.

A streetfighter version of the venerable BMW S1000RR, the BMW S1000R drops an “R” from its predecessors name, but still features the same inline-four engine as it superbike counterpart –though the motor has likely been detuned to a more sane level.

Unfortunately, we don’t have word on specs or features for the 2014 BMW S1000R, but we do have an idea now of what its finished form looks like. Photos after the jump, but be sure to see more photos and watch the the walk-around video on…just don’t eat the mayo while you’re there.




  • Gonzo

    I own a 2011 RR. I would buy this in a heartbeat! But I would prefer it with the full strength engine. With those bars and (hopefully) more steering lock, this thing will be a terror!

  • eg

    fooking ugly, well done again

  • Scott

    Wow, that’s truly hideous. Might be great to ride, but it’s hard to look at.

  • Will

    Is Chris Bangle designing bikes now? Hucking Fideos. Stupid Germans. I can say that because I am one.

  • Tom

    I think they missed the boat in terms of the “look”. Maybe a better looker in other colors and blinged out a bit with BMWaftermarket parts. The Kawasaki looks closer to the Streetfighter concept as does the Ducati. Performance may be the only way to make this iteration anywhere near the hit that the parent S1000RR is.

  • Hayabrusa

    Man, I sure hope the front end looks different than what we see here!! Maybe they had removed parts when shipping that they haven’t put back on yet? If not, that is the ugliest front end in motorcycling history!

  • Will

    If a “car of the year” candidate did everything better than everything else but looked like a like an AMC Pacer would it still deserve the award? Kinda like the S1000RR or the HP4 did? Something tells me the journos are gonna gobble this festering wound of a bike up and give it all kinds of awards. Why can’t manufacturers build great bikes that don’t look shit? Yes the ride is a huge part of it, but if it’s not beautiful and doesn’t stir my soul I’ll pass. Especially on this German turd which can’t be polished.


    The headlamp cluster assembly looks like Wolverines mask.

  • eg

    look, it does not matter what colour this is painted, its down right ugly. Stupid and painful to look at and I really don’t care how well it rides. Will be a shame to have my hard earned cash spent on such an atrocity.

  • Jose Polanco

    Wow this is a triumph! This design will pave the way for blind motorcycle designers everywhere.

  • paulus

    KTM Duke and GSXR love child…. unfortunately the worst of both

  • Life is too short to own ugly bikes and there are too many good looking bikes in this segment to even consider this one.

  • DAMN

    euhhh. hahahahahahhahahhahahahah most ugly bike ever!!!!!