Our friends across the pond get all the cool stuff: crumpets, Ginger Spice, and the 2013 Triumph Speed Triple R “Dark” street bike.

While they may have an overabundance of the prior two items, the Triumph Speed Triple R “Dark” unfairly comes with a limited production run of 30 units, making it one venerable and exclusive piece of machinery.

Collaborating with custom shop 8 Ball to make the limited edition Speed Triple R bikes, Triumph has put together a sporty machine for only £11,349 — £200 over the MSRP of the standard Speed Triple R.

For that extra coin, one gets a color-matched screen and belly pan. Other highlights include the “R 1050” logos (with serial number) and an air-brushed Union Jack flags on the fuel tank.

How very patriotic. Photos after the jump.








Source: Triumph (Facebook)

  • Sixty7

    A bit of a mess that my m8 has the stock white “R” and that looks much nicer, makes u wonder what is going on inside Triumph head……bloody horrible…..

  • CTK

    1050 motor needs a 675 style revamp, and a Daytona version!!!!

  • Kevin


    I bet you’ll see a few of those allocated along the prom in Douglas
    when you’re down at Paparazzi having some awesome pizza. ; )