2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Gets ABS & Brembo Brakes

10/02/2012 @ 8:08 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

It’s hard to believe that for over a decade, the Suzuki Hayabusa has gone relatively unchanged from its original form. Sure, there have been some updates — a nose-job here, a face-lift there, but let’s be honest, the engineer responsible for the Suzuki GSX1300R has mostly just been pushing paper around his desk since the Clinton administration.

That tradition has not come to a close for the next model year, though the 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa does get some massaging from the Japanese brand. Updated with an anti-locking brakes system (ABS), the 2012 Suzuki GSX1300R, as it name implies, joins the rest of the GSX-R family in getting Brembo Monobloc calipers.

While the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R / Kawasaki ZZR1400 got a revamp in 2012, Suzuki seems content to let the Hayabusa remain in its current form, which is now considerably different from the ZX-14R, though both bikes do now lay claim to ABS braking technology.

A bike with a very well-defined purpose when it debuted, it is not clear what the Hayabusa’s current raison d’être is now, or where it is headed in the coming years. As always, time will tell, but we hope Hiroshi Iio-san is busy envisioning Suzuki’s next great hyperbike.

Source: Suzuki

  • coreyvwc

    Oh but it does still have a purpose in 2012. It lets the world know that you have absolutely no taste and very small genitalia.

  • MikeD

    This thing needs a “clean sheet of paper” update…AND while at it, Suzuki…how about using the platform for something else than a hyperbike ?

    Look at Kawi and their ZX-14R and C14 deal…make that precious R&D money and time that u threw away work for you…(^_^)

  • I have to agree with both remarks what an ugly pile!! Suzuki has clearly lost it’s way lately….

  • JoeD

    Ditto on all.

  • Brett

    Recently saw, online, 2012’s were selling for $10,999. Another dealer had 16 Busa in stock, and only 2 ZX-14’s.

  • Gutterslob

    Whatever happened to that B-King model? Wasn’t it based on the Hayabusa?

  • Neil

    Well, no need to go to the dealer show in Vegas then…..bummer !!!

  • WetMan

    Legend. Icon. There is no need to change anything… It’s a Hayabusa.
    And those of you who are thrashing it now, will pay big bucks in two decades or so for ‘an original’.

  • MikeD


    Legend ? Maybe… Icon ? For sure……BUT………

    Don’t be such a close/narrow minded Busa fanboy. Personally i think there’s a space for this kind of motorcycle on every OEM lineup…they just have to strive to keep it “fresh” and make it more profitable….(make a sport tourer off of it too, it practically begs for it).

    Just look how “awesomely STAGNANT” is Suzuki’s lineup (on the USA anyways) after resting on the laurels for so long.

    If it were up to your way of thinking we would be riding wagons pulled by horses.


    The B-King took a hike for lack of sales. I blame the “too radical looks and ergos for a naked trying to look like a hardcore German streetfigther” as the culprit. That tail pointing to the moon, those outlandish cans, high pegs, u mention it.

  • I’ve just never liked the looks of the ‘busa. All of those bulbous curves make it look like a really fat woman trying to squeeze into her old high school spandex clothing.

  • “And those of you who are thrashing it now, will pay big bucks in two decades or so for ‘an original’.”

    ROTFLMAO! This thing is FUGLY! I’d be far, far, far more inclined to pay big bucks for a nice ’80-something ELR. If I’m going to lose my license, I’d rather it be on something with rugged good looks and a sweet-sounding Kerker. The Hayabusa — beautiful name notwithstanding — is a bulbous boob.

  • I’m not a ‘busa customer, but I have a huge amount of respect for what was absolutely a successful exercise in engineering and product design. It was a bike created to beat the XX, and be the fastest thing on the planet. It managed that, while also being a supremely comfortable, surprisingly manageable all around motorcycle that could happily log thousands of maintenance free miles. On top of that, they managed to nail a completely distinctive and new design aesthetic that while not my taste has had a decade of appeal for their audience. I wish every new motorcycle was designed and executed with as much engineering rigor and sense of purpose, even if it’s not my purpose.

    I agree with some others, in 10 more years the first gen Hayabusa will be as iconic as some of the greats, maybe even the OG Katana.

  • Ray

    I agree the busa needs a new direction like a 1400 power plant but the busa has been a lgend that last 10 years before kawi even caught up.I own a gen 1 busa and love it and would not ride anything else.I know of 2 buaa that have logged in over 100k on the lock and still ride and run great.

  • MikeD


    U said my good man. Im not knocking on the machine itself but rather it’s outdated looks.
    And even tho it looks is like the SR-71 BlackBird (Form follows function) i still believe it can be refreshed and and brougth to look out of the late 1990’s and more into the 2000-teens.

    1400cc ? Sure, personally i hate shifting, SOOOO…YES ! …more CC’s please. Suzukis engine wise they are pretty reliable…just look around and see how many squids that know squat about periodic maintenance own them….the things refuse to DIE.

  • Walter Vail

    It always amazes me how many Wannabe Busa owners knock this bike, which in its own rite has revolutionized superbikes. They rarely even own a scooter no less One of the best Motorcycles ever made…if its looks you want maybe Kalvin Klein is more your style or Jordache jeans…

  • Why would somebody knock a bike if they want to own it? I don’t think that’s a logical idea at all. We’re not 12 and punching a girl we like on the arm, ya know. ROTFL

  • Hunter

    You guys have no glue. I been riding my busa anywhere and everywhere. Through the alps in Austria and Italy, the alps of France and to the Normandie. Travled entire Europe on my busa with no failure.
    I drove the highest Mountain passes in Europe including the La Bonnette, the busa is THE long distance touring bike. I tested the Kawa and …no thanks. The beauty of the bike…is unmatched. The perfromance in the alps and anywhere has simply no match. Get over it…

  • Mike

    Hunter is absolutely correct. I have a Busa and love it. Yes, it is ugly. But that is part of the attraction. It is a wicked fun bike to ride, and has a great reputation to boot. Best thing is… nobody… NOBODY… messes with me on my daily commute. Love the bike.