2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak Race Bike

07/12/2013 @ 12:11 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


Another year, and another Pikes Peak race bike from the Falkner Livingston Racing crew to frustrate current Ducati Multistrada 1200 S owners. This gorgeous machine was quick all throughout practice week in the hands of Micky Dymond, but being the first runner out of the gate on race day, with a very green track that had endured two heavy rainstorms, Micky hit the tarmac on several occasions during his Race to the Clouds — a herculean effort in its own right.

Certainly not the result the team deserved, but as Nicky Hayden is found to remind us, that’s why we line-up on the grid on Sunday. Taking the “official” fastest time up the mountain on a motorcycle was Bruno Langlois, with the Frenchman riding a Ducati Multistrada 1200 S as well. Of course, we all know Carlin Dunne was the fastest up the course on his electric superbike from Lightning Motorcycles, but the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb doesn’t count the exhibition class in those results.

Each year I wax on about how gorgeous these Multistradas are, and this year is no different. In the pictures after the jump you will find yet another mouth-watering Ducati, with a new race livery, a custom-built exhaust from Akrapovič (only six were made), carbon brakes, a dry slipper-clutch conversion, and a bevy of other interesting modifications to the Italian adventure sport-tourer. Enjoy!




















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  • I am very interested in how they have the riding position and geometry of bike setup, suspension, etc..

    I’d like to ride it to feel it out.. I’m a sportbike guy but have to say being more comfortable for cruising and longer riding days can be nice.. but I do not want to compromise the sport suspension and front-end feel I love..

    Maybe someday I can have it all… and not be required to have 4 different bikes?

  • cruise

    Wouldn´t a classic superbike be the better concept to race the course since it is completely paved? I think they are giving away some potential here by using the Multistrada instead of, lets say, Panigale or whatever. But in the end – still an impressive piece of machinery!

  • jimmy smith JR

    I’d like to get a feel of that geometry after that pants adjustment….if ya get my drift!

  • jimmy smith JR

    And Mr. Cruise….paved though it may be now…it is still majorly bumpy/undulating. So the Multi gives ya a bit more suspension travel. I suspect that’s why there doing that.

  • Spider Grips

    Hi guys – the current rules for Pikes Peak in the 1205 class require that the motorcycle comes from the factory with top mounted handlebars – which made the Multi the bike of choice for us from Ducati.

  • Gabe

    The official motorcycle classes for PPIHC require handlebars. That’s why the sportbikes with clip-ons compete on the “exhibition” category. That’s where the Panigale would compete.

  • Richard Gozinya

    The handlebars rule is just to keep the motorcycles from smoking the cars.

  • beautiul! it also has an aluminum subframe… not that you can seen it. i built it, yeah!

  • KK

    wouldn’t the hypermotard maybe be a better bet? probably lighter and I think you can get an 1100 cc in it. hmm

    either way im sure they choose the multistrada for a reason that us plebeians cant under stand

  • 76

    Sportbikes with clipons have their own class – 750 superbike

    The more upright riding position with handlebars does have some advantages on a course like Pikes Peak, so does the power of a twin.

    There are some sections that a “sportbike” will have advantages even the fact that its a inline4, its all about the right recipe up there and these guys have obviously found something right with setup and the Multi

    Does look smoking though!

  • Faust

    After all the times people have mentioned the 750 class on here, people still haven’t heard anything about it and continue to claim you can’t use clip ons at Pikes Peak…. Wow.

  • Here’s an Electric one for you! The bottom line is that CARLIN DUNNE WON!… and he qualified on pole! He was faster than Micky Dymond in qualifying and on race day, by 5 seconds…., AND, of all things, he was ON AN ELECTRIC BIKE, which is only in its development stages! The fact is an electric vehicle has never won a major sporting event race, and Carlin is the pioneer to do so! If Carlin had been riding a Multistrada, as he was when he won the last two years, he would have surpassed all by a lot more this year…

    Carlin won two years ago on a demo Multistrada from Ducati of Santa Barbara. If he had raced on that same bike this year, I think he would have spanked Dymond. Your publication is making it sound like Dymond’s lesser results have a “green track” to blame. Well, this isn’t golf. The turf doesn’t determine the lay of these kinds of balls. Ducati is to blame. An electric bike, driven by Dunne, beat the second and third place finishers who were both on Ducatis. If Ducati would have had Dunne racing for them again this year, he would have won for them. It’s obvious. Scientific even. What could be faster than Lightening? Carlin Dunne on a Multistrada. Sincerely, Lauren Sullivan

  • L2C

    Nothing as beautiful as twin Akrapovič umbrellas. Stunning. And the bike’s exhaust is pretty nice, too.

  • paulus

    I get the feeling it is simply for Ducati to sell more ‘bling’ on an annual basis… and destroy the value of the loyal buyers who bought last year’s model.

  • paulus, time has proven over and over that is will not in fact destroy any loyalty, ducati buyers just keep on buying.

    that Multi really is nice, the only thing that puts me off about them is that at the Austin MotoGP round, there were about 75 multis to every Ducati superbike. I kind of value the unique…

  • yungjaxxx

    KK, the Multis have been smoking the hypermotards for a several years now at PP

    Multi = Superbike power but touring comfort and riding position

    You gotta try one…they are LEGIT and so fun to ride

    *yes, I came off of sport/track bikes to a Multi :-D