MTT Readies the Next Generation Y2K Turbine Bike

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The name Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) may not immediately strike recognition, though we are pretty sure that if we said the company was repsonsible for the turbine-powered Y2K hyperbike, you would know what we mean. Built in time for the turn of the millennia, the Y2K features a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 turbine motor that makes 320 hp at 52,000 rpm. Yes, that rpm figure is correct.

Unlike other turbine-driven road machines, which use the trust of the turbine jet engine for locomotion, MTT mated the helicopter turbine system to a two-speed gearbox, which in-turn drives a shaft to a final chain-drive system. Not exactly a huge success on the market, the MTT Y2K was still made famous by celebrity owner Jay Leno, who had a tendency to melt plastic car bumpers at stop lights.

Now reports say Marine Turbine Technologies is working on a new model of turbine-powered hyperbikes, awkwardly dubbed the 2013 MTT Y2K 420R.

Upgrading the drive package with a Rolls-Royce C-20B gas turbine engine that produces an apt 420hp. Other highlights include carbon fiber wheels and fairings, radial-mounted calipers on the front brakes with ABS, and a 240mm rear tire.

Street-legal in the US, with similar provisions being made in the EU, the 2013 MTT Y2K is currently undergoing wind-tunnel testing in the UK, and MTT hopes for a 260+ mph top speed figure. Expect to see the company’s latest creation later this year, with what we imagine will be a price in the six-figures.

Source: Autocar & Bikes in the Fast Lane