More Photos of the 2013 Honda CBR500R

11/12/2012 @ 10:20 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Did you catch a glimpse of the 2013 Honda CBR500R this morning? If not, don’t worry we have got a bunch more photos for you to peruse over. A 500cc wallet-friendly sport bike with 54 rwhp, the Honda CBR500R might just be what the recession ordered with its $5,999 price tag.

A logical progression from the Honda CBR250R, the Honda CBR500R is looking like a well-thoughout succession plan to bring new riders into the Honda brand, and keep them there as they grow and mature within the sport. Maybe that’s why Honda released the 2013 Honda CB500F & 2013 Honda CB500X as well. Chew on that while you checkout the photos after the jump.

Source: TMCblog

  • Cpt.Slow


  • meatspin

    At that price, I can still find a long list of slightly used 600s on CL. Its still a solid looking motorcycle.

  • JoeD

    That tilted head on shot looks like a cross breeding of my Benelli and a Z1000. Still, better than the old EX500.

  • Damo

    Lots of bang for the buck on this for a new bike. This is probably the worlds best commuter that isn’t a total drag for a weekend blast.

  • TC

    a great stepping stone for new riders looking to step up from a 250R (24 hp) and doesn’t feel comfortable going all the way up to a 600RR (100+hp). It will make for a great commuter and weekend canyon carver.

  • steve D

    yuk…another porker (428lb) from honda. what’s with them nowadays? why can’t they make lightweight small bikes? sorry, i’ll wait for the ktm 350-390. i’ll bet it’s 80- 100 lbs. lighter.

  • L2C

    Both the white/blue/red and black models clearly say ABS. Are these photos models for countries other than the US, because in the earlier article mentioned that the ABS model came in “Honda Red” only.


    Anyway, this is a nice bike. Not mean, not sexy, just nice. Honda probably will sell many.

  • Dustin

    @steve D

    I was actually pretty surprised with how light it turned out to be. You have to remember that Honda publishes their weights with the bike ‘wet’ (ready to ride with a full tank of gas). Bikes used to be weighed ‘dry’ in the past which didn’t include any of the fluids or even a battery; a completely pointless way to weigh a bike. I’m sure the dry weight of this bike would easily be 100lbs less.

    It’s a fully-faired bike with twin headlights, ABS, a 160 rear tire, water cooling, fuel injection and so on–I think they did a fine job keeping the lard at bay.

  • ” Not mean, not sexy, just nice. Honda probably will sell many.”

    You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda. ;-)

    I agree with Damo; this could be a great little commuter with enough fun-factor to enjoy out in the twiddly bits. A likely Akrapovic EC-approved slip-on to improve the exhaust note and shed a few pounds and this could be just what the doctor ordered.

    It will be VERY interesting to see how this stacks up in terms of performance and comfort against the new Ninja 300.

  • In the US, ABS is on the red bike only. It could be different in other markets.