2013 BMW F800GS Gets Modest Updates

07/02/2012 @ 1:25 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

The dirt-going counterpart to the road-bound 2013 BMW F700GS, the 2013 BMW F800GS sees a modest update to its adventure/enduo platform for the next model-year. Unlike the F700GS, the new F800GS doesn’t get a power-boost, and sports the same 798cc four-valve parallel-twin liquid-coooled motor that we have all grown to know and love (and was the basis of the Husqvarna Nuda 900’s 900cc motor).

Making 85hp at 7,500 rpm, and 61 lbs•ft of torque at 5,750 rpm, the real changes to the 2013 BMW F800GS come to its updated gauges, controls, and bodywork — oh, and of course the now standard anti-locking brakes system that BMW is pushing across its entire model line-up.

One minor change of note to the F800GS is the optionally lowered suspension and seat-height, which should be a boon for shorter riders who don’t want to be hobbled to the more street-oriented BMW F700GS. Featuring a 21″ spoked front wheel clad with knobbiest, BMW hopes the F800GS will continue to be the entry-level ADV bike of the line for riders who find 474 lbs (214 kg) curb weights to be light in comparison to other options.

No word on pricing yet, though we would be surprised to see any significant changes in that regard, especially considering how mild of an overhaul is going on here with the F800GS.

The Main Technical Differences Between the BMW F700GS & BMW F800GS: 

BMW F 800 GS    BMW F 700 GS
63 kW/85 hp 55 kW/75 hp
USD telescopic fork Conventional telescopic fork
Progressive damping spring strut Gas pressure spring strut
Spoke wheels Cast wheels
21-inch front wheel 19-inch front wheel
Aluminium handlebar Steel handlebar
880/850 mm seat height 820/790 mm seat height
Weight, road ready, 214 kg Weight, road ready, 209 kg

Source: BMW

  • Bob

    What? No mention of the Optional ESA ans ASC? Plenty of optional seats too.

  • AndrewF

    I’d have liked to see that updated instrument cluster! As a side note, I am often amazed how motorcycle publications and manufacturers can release galleries of sometimes dozens of pictures showing every insignificant detail such as passenger pegs yet manage to completely avoid showing the view of the cockpit – arguably the most important thing, as that is after all what you’ll be seeing most of while you ride your bike.

  • JHB
  • brian b

    I agree with AndrewF: I would have also like to see that updated instrument cluster…sigh…I’ll keep searching the web for photos :)

  • Quinton M

    All BMW instrument panels are 70’s retro – with a splash of micro outdated – LCD – sadly lacking – Really love the engineers who deign the BMW suspension and the motor – but the guys in charge of the cockpits – retire them off soon please – just move forward to OLED multifunction dispays and get that data much high in line wi tthe road – why do we have to keep sitting back down get data in 2012 – lets see some real innovation with a second MFD where the rider can choose what to see while standing up in the long sweeping dirt sections. And one more thing – add cruise control for the longer sealed roads where we need to maintain a set speed to keep the police happy. Triuph did it – just follow behind them – but for the cockpit – really get with the 2012 tech BMW