2012 Triumph Tiger 1050

09/26/2011 @ 2:37 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Simply revising the 2012 Triumph Tiger 1050 before completely updating the model in 2013, Triumph has announced that the Tiger 1050 will get stiffer suspension components for the next model year, along with some cosmetic changes. Including improved dampening and a stiffer spring for the rear shock (108 to 139N/mm.), the British company hopes the revised suspension will give the Triumph Tiger 1050 better feel when traversing the roadway. Other mechanical changes include new handlebars that are 20mm lower than before, meaning the larger Tiger will have a slightly sportier riding position for 2012.

Triumph’s last tweeks to the 2012 Triumph Tiger 1050 is a new cosmetic package, which sees new graphics on the bike’s side panels, new turn signals, and the elimination of some chrome bits. Other bare-metal pieces have been blacked out, including the new aluminum handlebar. The 2012 Triumph Tiger 1050 will come in Phantom Black, while the ABS models will come in Diablo Red, Crystal White, and two-tone matte black color scheme. Pricing should remain unchanged.

Source: Triumph

  • aaron

    I love triumphs, and this isn’t what I’d call ugly, but this thing has a face only a mother could remember… like their old 4 cyl 600, which I even can’t remember the name for as the styling was so safe and bland. forget the offroading pretense, give us a long distance bike with the speed triple attitude :)

  • MikeD

    That is one ugly bike…no matter how i stare at it or how long…i just can’t swallow it.

    Seems like they won’t let this one DIE just yet…probably to keep it as “the more road oriented” of the big Tigers(17″ front hoop).
    Im willing to bet that even tho the future Tiger[1200?] will be sporting a 19″ front wheel it will be nothing but a facade of its adventurous pretencions.
    They should just accept the cold facts and slap a 17″ for good measure and turn it into a “long legged tourer”… and that’s not just Triumps…all the other “wannabee” should too. There’s no bussiness case for a 500lbs bike to be off road or to be called “dual-sport”…that just lying to urself.

  • MikeD

    I wonder how old and recycled are those pictures…since all 4 bikes are wearing Michelin’s Pilot Road (the first Gen) … that’s what came standard on my 2003 SV1000N…2003 !

    U can’t even buy those tires anymore! I think ?

  • BikePilot

    Those suspension settings should suit it perfectly. Excellent bike that only lacked in the suspension department. With that sorted it’ll be a top all-around street bike. I wouldn’t kick one out of the garage. A punched up motor and, a styling revision and maybe a few pounds shed would have it really competitive with the SMT990. I really hope it doesn’t turn into some bloated pig like the GS or Super-Ten.

  • Singletrack

    The Triumph Multistrada?
    Immitation is flattery, I guess.
    But not at all elegant.

  • hoyt

    @Singletrack – right.
    There is a Ducati ad at the top right with a Multistrada picture facing to the left of the screen, which was staring right at the top picture of the Triumph facing to the right of the screen. (like 2 girls giving each other a look after seeing the same outfit)

  • heineken

    Well, they are doing a handful of the things I wished they’d have done in the first place. If only they could have fitted a proper set of headlights.

    Sad thing is they’re about to ruin the bike by trying to make a British version of the GS, shaft drive and all, for 2013. It’ll get a 19″ front, but it will be an absolute pig.

    I’ll stick with my ’07.

  • mxs

    Immitating a Multistrada which was released a decade after the first Tiger 1050??? OK ….. Pleeeease, they don’t seem to have nothing similar. Nothing.

    Sometimes the world would just be better off without blogs a comments ….

  • MikeD


    Don’t be selfish…(^_^ )…we all can’t agree…all the time…diversity is the bomb(think about women).

    I too happen to see some lite similarities between this 1050 model and the previous Gen MS.


    I too hope they don’t blow it up(both size and weight) like the GSA…that last Mule i saw was so HIDEOUS looking…(-_- )…the 19″ front is for sure but hey…miracles sometimes happen, no ?

  • afrosentrix

    ugly? you mean compared to the BMW GS (John Deere) and the Multistrada (Safari chic poser)?No one has (visually) managed to blend sport with tour with adventure better than this Triumph.

  • no, no, no to the 19 in. front. This is a great street/touring bike. If you want off road – get the 800.

    in fact I wish the road version 800 had a 17 in. front

    keep up the good work Triumph

  • Beary

    Looks really awful in red. Black is nice though. Triumph make a great hybrid.

    Got chased down and overtaken by a couple of guys on Multistradas on the tar, when we got to the dirt road they stopped, pulled to the side and took pictures of their bikes. Ducati owners…

  • Singletrack

    mxs … “don’t seem to have nothing similar”?

    Nothing… except the identical target market, pointy dual swept-headlight half fairing, separate half fairings at sides, black handguards, sporty street only rubber, chin spoiler under stressed member engine, deeply sculpted seat, identical red or black colors…

    True, the Tiger has been out for 2 decades, but it was a homely, style-less lump until recently. But admittedly a little better looking than the original Multistrada a decade later (no immitation there from Ducati). That was UGLY all by itself. Now the Tiger’s a stylish machine, that takes after the newly redesigned and successful Multistrada. I’m not saying either is good looking, just stylish.

    mxs.. maybe you should start by ceasing your double negative “blogs a comments” ;)

  • heineken

    @Singletrack — Not that I want to argue on the internet, but the ‘newly redesigned and successful Multistrada’ came out in 2009. The 1050 Tiger came out in 2007. Who’s imitating who?

  • MikeD

    @Harry89r: +1 on the Road T800 should come with 17″ Front Hoop.

  • Singletrack

    heineken… i admit you’re right about chronology. I should be ashamed. It seems that Ducati is more of the immitator. The Tiger’s fairing format in 2007-2011 is essentially the same as 2012, but somehow the 2012 in red and black colors make it look much different, and more like the Ducati.

    Ducati Tiger has a nice ring to it too.

  • heineken

    Haha, no worries. It does look like a different bike with all the black hardware and wheels. I can see how they might be trying to entice some fans of the Multi over to Triumph.