2011 Triumph Speed Triple Outed by Triumph

09/27/2010 @ 6:45 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Triumph is either really trying hard at leaking information about the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple and its other motorcycles ahead of their unveiling, or there is an intern in the UK right now whose job is about to go under the axe. Either way, the keen eyes at Visordown have spotted the fact that Triumph has outed the new Speed Triple in its online accessories catalog. While not showing the whole bike yet, we do see that the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple gets a much needed face lift, along with a substantially lighter frame. Could this be the street naked of 2011? We’re starting to think so.

We got a chance to briefly swing a leg over a Triumph Speed Triple last year, and were immediately impressed with the bike’s power, silky smooth transmission, and unique three-cylinder exhaust note. A little on the hefty side, and with a face only a mother could love, we passed on putting a Speed Triple in the A&R garage. However it looks like Triumph have heard our criticism (or more likely the criticism of many others), and addressed the only real faults you can find in the tenacious triple.

Deduced from these pictures and Triumph’s CARB filings with the good State of California, a new cast aluminum frame enters the mix for 2011, and is said to drop the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple’s weight by nearly 40lbs. While many parts get some reworking, we think the Speed Triple’s new headlights will go a long way with motorcycle fans. While some will swear by the retro bug-eyed look of the 2010 model, which dates all the way back to 1997, the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple looks modern and fresh, will still retaining that original streetfighter sex appeal.

Under the hood the 1050cc three cylinder motor remains, which may upset some people who were hoping for a 1200cc lump. We found the 1050cc triple to be more than enough power for slogging through the streets of San Francisco though, but if higher emission ratings equal more power, then the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple could be in for a performance boost as well. This is a seriously fun motorcycle, and with these updates, we’re honestly looking forward to riding the new 2011 Triumph Speed Triple when it hits the states early next year.

Source: Visordown

  • Jake Fox

    Grr… I just picked up an ’09 in April! I got a good deal from Munroe in San Francisco but I had a feeling this would happen. 40lbs. lighter is HUGE. I’m guessing my ’09 will be pretty much next to worthless when this hits the showroom floors.

  • Good guys at Munroe. That’s where we rode the Speed Triple for the first time.

  • Sean

    Yeah but your ’09 has the classic look and chassis, Jake. Still a plenty capable bike that you’ll unlikely outgrow.
    I’m not sure about the new angles on this one.

  • MikeD

    Warning: BITCHIN MODE ON.

    Screw the REFRESH, I want that 1200 Triple NOW. I could live with the Old Bike Looks and a new 1.2L Monster nestled inside it.

    I don’t own a bike cause im a sensitive, concious guy and Im aware i can only use as much power on any 2wheeled contraption as a lawn mower puts …

    SO, Triumph… giddy up with your “on road” reliability and endurance testing and slap that 1.2L on a new MY 2012 SpeedTriple & ‘Tona.

    Ok, im cool now… (^_^ )

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  • Westward


    Curious, could they be dropping 40 lbs. on the St.3ple too? I could go for that. Personally, I am more of a Ducatisti, Monster specific, but have always had a soft spot for the St.3ple, only I think its too heavy.

    However, I do like what I sees…

  • aleks

    This is very pleasant news, but I’m still patiently waiting for a 1050 Dayonta!!!! I owned a 955 speed triple and now own a 675 Daytona and would love a combo of the two and could care less about the 1200cc triple. wah. ;(

  • motojc

    Just what I had been hoping for for years: current engine with lighter chassis, hopefully better riding position too (current model sits too far back for my taste).

  • Shaitan

    Sweet! I’ve ridden the ST, Tiger and Street Triple. I loved the engine of the big bikes, yet the positional and feel of the Street. Unfortunately, with a whole bunch of great looking street fighters coming out the Street/Speed, while classic, looked too date for me. With this refresh in looks and weight loss, I may opt for the Speed instead of Street for my next ride.

  • ohio


    Triumph just keeps doing it right.

  • Krylov

    Bought a 2010 SE model (the red one with the white go-fast strip – love the classic seventies style color scheme) right this year.
    The first pics of the new 2011 one don’t make me want to trade up so far – the angular styling, the plastic parts and the odd headlights seem to put me off, I guess.
    (Have you ever given a thought on why the two(!), round(!!), paired-next-to-each-other (!!!) headlamps of the Speedy have such a huge fanbase (apart from the bike being great to ride? Friend of mine pointed out the apparently not-so-obvious to me a while ago – since then I look differently at each Speedy and cleaing and polishing the headlamps of my bike has never been the same ever since…. Ahem.)

    Odd looks aside, 20 kilos less is a good thing, though…

  • Krylov

    Oh, btw. See the ABS sensor ring in the exhaust picture? Hopefully they nicely asked Mr Honda to licence out the ABS system from their CBR1000R…

  • motojc

    the round head lights was because back then the sport bikes had round lights and when it’s crashed, that’s what’s left. nowadays, sport bikes have angular lights, so it’s natural to move up with time. I can’t wait to see the new frame, hopefully it’s les of a reach to the bar, that’s where current ones put me off. Prefer to sit more up front.

  • Tire Torcher

    Abs, traction control, or both? I hope there is more than one option level, I bought a 09 a couple months ago, now the wife wants it so I have been directed to buy myself a new one. Every guys nightmare!! Ha Ha! I don’t want traction control, slippers or abs. I just want a bit more Ft/lbs, a bit more Hp and a bit less weight. I will be all over it!!

  • Tire Torcher

    Oh yeah…I will swap the headlights to round ones as well, that part doesn’t need to evolve, just maybe attach them to the forks.

  • I’m so glad I got my hands on an 08. I love the lines, aggressive front and the contrast between the black engine and chrome lights looks wild. A 20lbs reduction in weight is not an issue especially when you are hard in the corners with one knee down. I love the old british brand, muscular, loutish and unique. This is the only bike I’ve ever owned where people stop me and ask me what it is. On ride days I consistently get people taking photo’s of her. The new one looks fowl from the tidbits that have been released. I guess the Asian influence and bottom line is steering the Hinkley ship. Maybe it’s euroasian????

    Bet these are made in Thailand as well.

  • gazza

    i’m confused, i see two different taillights in these pics. ANd i see undertail exhausts and a side exhaust. is this bike coming out with three pipes?
    The lights are cool though, the old round lights are the only reason i’d never own one.