2011 Triumph Daytona 675R – Gets Just Suspension

11/02/2010 @ 6:04 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Triumph fans were probably delighted when news of the 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R leaked ahead of EICMA, showing off one good looking triple. The highly anticipated “R” version of the three-cylinder sport bike comes equipped with some nice kit, but now the rumors are confirmed that the Daytona 675R will not get any engine modifications, despite its elevated status.

Making 125hp and 54 lbs·ft of torque, the Triumph Daytona 675R only benefits from its Öhlins suspension. Of course that’s like saying someone has only won the SuperLotto Plus, and not the MegaMillions lottto with its Mega Ball prize, as the 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R gets Öhlins premium NIX30 43mm forks and TTX36 mono-shock.

The 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R will also come standard with a quick shifter, and Brembo radial monobloc calipers up front. Otherwise changes to the Daytona 675R are purely cosmetic, as the bike gets a unique paint job and carbon front fender. We were hoping for a little bit more from Triumph on this one, especially after hanging the “R” label on the adored three-cylinder. While the Öhlins suspension is probably more likely to equate to lower track times for riders, it is also a modification that can easily be done at home if one were so inclined, which sort of takes away from the prestige. It’ll be interesting to see how Triumph prices the 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R, no word on availability yet.

Source: Triumph

  • dfelix

    …and brakes! So, not “just” the suspension.
    I believe that suspension and brakes are “just” what Triumph needed to put Daytona in the same step as 848 and the new F3.

    Also, this bike could mean FIM homologation to use premium material in WSS next year instead of those tuned-up Showas and crappy nissin’s.

  • bikepilot

    This sounds perfect to me. Ducati S models are often just suspension and brakes ahead of standard models as well.

  • Wiggins

    I wasn’t expecting any real power differences with the R anyways; the Ohlins, the Brembos and the quickshifter are an amazing addition to an already stellar bike. I’m just concerned about the price hike, our Ducati S models tend to sit on the floor a lot longer than their base model brothers.

  • SayWhen

    what is with the more power more power more power craziness? too much focus is put on hp, 125 hp is an insane amount for a middle weight! if you want hp buy a liter bike. we need a lighter, more corner speed, more finesse, and inspire mor that one off.e confidence craze. which is exactly what this bike is improving upon. kudos triumph! …but please pick a less “trendy wendy” paint scheme next time.

    a red sub-frame…really? even i don’t move my hands enough when i talk to pull that one off.

  • MikeD

    Nice Fancy Shrimp… Now where’s the full blown Machine? Daytona 1200 Triple.
    To those pilots who say too much power already, lighter, more finesse, better feel…w/e floats your boats….that doesn’t float mine’s and many others for that matter.

    U got ur floaties already(this)…now is time for ours(1200)…lol.
    Nothing personal, just regular bitching mode at Triumph.

  • SayWhen

    LoL “Floaties” – MachoMikeD this 675R on a race track would scare you like a little girl. It would make your a$$ pucker so hard you would be making diamonds.

  • MikeD

    SayWhen: YES IT WILL, but… i DON’T CARE about race tracks and cat on a rug handling and all the great things this bike stands for, im sure i made that point on my previous post pretty clear(don’t want this bike but a 1200)…and said it wasn’t personal, i just used ur valid points cause it was pretty convenient.

    What u like and think is Great and Enough already doesn’t work for everyone even in the event that u make a good case(like here)…I can’t afford track days, don’t have a track near by, couldn’t afford to dump this bike(it would be my daily rider, can’t afford 2), i hate revving small engines to the moon and “no power now, 8K-10K rpm later” Mills. Is a matter of taste, good, bad or don’t have any at all…but works for others and me.

    Just because the 675 is Awesome and is more than enouh for U and others does it mean that other riders don’t have the right to try and hope for else? Don’t be selfish.

    Diversity is the spice of life. Thats one of the more beatiful aspects of this hobby…it keeps us spending and lusting for new toys. Go with w/e works for u i say.

    Natural Selection always get rid of the bad seeds( if i don’t know any better i will be disposed of properly and timely and won’t be poluting the roads, making noises and using gas and air that could be put to better use than wasted on me)…all because i wanted more bike than i could barely and poorly handle and didn’t listen to SayWhen advise.

    (^_^ )