2011 KTM Adventure 990 Dakar Breaks Cover

10/27/2010 @ 9:08 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Leaking ahead of its EICMA debut, Bikes in the Fast Lane brings us the first image of the 2011 KTM Adventure 990 Dakar. An homage to KTM’s dominance in the Dakar Rally, this Adventure 990 is done up in blue livery with orange accents, anti-lock brakes, and gets some modest bolt-on parts (like that orange engine guard) from KTM’s aftermarket kit department.

With the Dakar Rally taking place in South America since 2008, and KTM racing a 450cc machine after the changing of the rules in 2009 to the professional class, the idea of a Adventure 990 Dakar Rally bike seems a bit oxymoronic, but that’s probably beside the point. No technical details yet, beyond what we can see, but expect more to come in a week’s time when EICMA kicks off officially.

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

  • Ken C.

    Why do adventure bikes have to look so ugly? Is it a requirement of the “adventure bike” category? Must be ugly?

  • RSVDan

    The Adventure is far from ugly in person. Just “purposefull”. I will say, however, eight years between design refreshes is a long time in anyone’s book. The bike still sells and performs beautifully, but time to freshen things up KTM!

  • Billy B Tso.

    wow, i’m sure it gets the job done, by i must admit, i’ve seen prettier 60 year old overweight toothless hookers! …suppose it depends what you hold more dearer, looks or function.

  • bikepilot

    It doesn’t look particularly good or bad to my eyes. The “dakar” bit seems to shout “look at me, I’m a poser!” (especially considering the 450cc limit in the dakar). Though I must admit it looks better than the standard version :)

    I’d love to see them do one with knobby tires, stiffed up long-travel suspension and maybe a high compression motor as a special addition instead of just bolt-ons and paint ;)