The 2011 Honda CB1000R gets only minor revisions for 2011, but still the naked version of the CBR1000RR continues to be “too cool” for the United States is finally coming to the United States, and flaunts that fact with its revised color scheme and revised LED front head lamp. While Europe will get the cool tri-color paint scheme, Honda America will only be importing the black version of the CB1000R. CB fans have been clamoring for the Honda CB1000R to be brought to the US, especially with the growing popularity of the street-naked segment.

The fact that the CB1000R’s biggest rival, the Z1000 is available in the USA as well, has helped fuel that fire, and it appears Honda has finally comes to its senses, and pulled the trigger. The CB1000R looks great in black (once you ditch that exhaust rain gutter of an exhaust pipe), but we’re partial to the heritage behind the tri-color paint. We’ll just have amuse ourselves by drooling over these photos. Check them out after the jump.

Source: Honda

  • bikepilot

    Not bad and nothing a nose/chin job and a different exhaust can’t fix :) Bring it over Mr. Honda!

  • Johndo

    That color version just needs an american flag and a Tommy Hilfiger logo on the tank. Cheesy.

    The black one is what this bike should look like. Awesome.

  • bikepilot

    I find it an excellent modern rendition of the classic HRC colors. Hardly cheesey to my eyes, but it looks like Mr. Honda won’t be giving either of us the choice :(

  • Wiggins

    The reason we’re still not seeing the CB1000R over here is purely because its being made at their Italian factory and it’s just not financially feasible for them to sell the CB1000R over here. Hopefully a change in the euro or a change in the production site will let us get it here but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Neil

    uhhhh, hello… Honda IS bringing this to America. It’s a new 2011 model, just announced on the dealer website today, Nov. 2nd

  • Dabber

    Very nice! I’m happy they’re not leaving the U.S out of cool and practical bikes! 2011 is gonna be a good year in bikes z1000, ninja 1000, cb1000r. Thankfully American tastes in motorcycling is evolving beyond cruisers and full on sport bikes. Maybe HD and Victory can come up with some copetition one day.

  • Stuart
  • @Johndo


  • MikeD


  • Bill Smith

    So, as a new potential owner of this fine motorcycle how does oneI answer the inevitable question: “What color is your motorcycle?” ah, white, no black, hold on…blue, no gold, uh.. red?

    Shall we collectively lobby Webster to add one additional definition to “kaleidoscope?”

  • Awesome. You answer that the color is Awesome.

  • Bill Smith

    The BIKE certainly IS AWESOME!